If you are like most people, you probably have a wide variety of electronic appliances and devices in your home. Unfortunately, electronics emit the kind of energy that can be detrimental to the positive energy of your home. It is important to take electronics into consideration when arranging furniture and decorating in your home. With a little care and thought, you will be able to keep your essential electronic devices and yet still practice good feng shui practices within your home.

Electronics and the Bedroom

In most cases, you would do well to keep electronics out of the bedroom as much as possible. The energy emitted from electronic devices can be quite detrimental to sleep, relaxation and rest. Instead of an electronic alarm clock on your nightstand, try using a wind-up clock. You should also avoid having a computer in the bedroom if at all possible. Unfortunately, many people do not have an extra room in their home to use as their office or study area, and as a result they place their desk and computer in the bedroom. If this is the case, you should at least cover the computer monitor with a cloth at night so that you are shielded from the yang energy. The newer flat-screen monitors are also preferable, since they have a matte finish and are less mirror-like as compared to the older CRT style of monitors. Place your desk and computer in the bedroom so that it does not directly face the bed. Televisions in the bedroom can also create disruptive energy. If possible, remove your television and focus on going to sleep under quieter and more restful conditions. If you simply cannot tolerate the absence of a television in the bedroom, be sure to always use your sleep timer so that it does not remain on all night. You should also try to avoid watching violent shows in the bedroom before going to sleep, as this will create a lot of stress and disruptive energy.

Electronics in the Living Room and Family Room

It is almost impossible to avoid having at least some electronic elements in the living room or family room. Instead of trying to eliminate them completely, focus instead on arranging them so that they will provide the least amount of disruption. If you frequently utilize the living room for relaxing activities such as reading or conversing with family and friends, you might want to consider removing the television, stereo and any game systems from this room. Instead, place these devices in the family room or game room. That way you will still be able to enjoy them whenever you want to, but will be able to leave the room when you are finished. This will allow the other rooms of your home to remain free of electronics. If you must have a television in the living room, it can be helpful to enclose it in a cabinet that has doors. This can reduce its disruptive influences when the television is not in use. The home computer is best placed in the family room or home office, instead of the living room. Placing electronic devices in the most appropriate place for use, while leaving other rooms electronics-free, is often the best way of dealing with the situation.

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