Chinese Metaphysics uses either the Chinese Solar or Chinese Lunar calendar.

What is the different between the two calendars?

Well, it depends on the different schools of Chinese Metaphysics, be it Chinese Astrology or Feng Shui. But before we go into the various systems of Chinese Metaphysics, let’s look at how a Chinese calendar comes about.

From the astronomical aspect, the Chinese calendar can be traced to the cosmos.

A lunar calendar centers on the rotation of the moon around the earth. The first day of the lunar year generally falls between late January and late February of the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese refer to the lunar calendar to pin point the days for celebration of major festivals such as Chinese New year which typically falls on the first day of the first month of the lunar year.

A solar calendar on the other hand, is based on the rotation of the earth around the sun. By the way, the solar calendar is also known as the Farmer’s calendar in ancient China. It was used in the old days to tract major harvesting and other farming activities. The first day of the solar year usually begins on or around the 4th of February based on the Gregorian calendar.

When it comes to Chinese Astrology, the solar and lunar calendar is used differently based on the various schools of studies. There are two popular systems of Chinese Astrology. One is known as the Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi. The other goes by the name of Purple Heart Astrology or Zi Wei Dou Shu. The former uses the solar calendar whereas the latter the lunar calendar.

The other branch of Chinese Metaphysic is Feng Shui. Its various schools of studies can also be differentiated by the type of calendar they used for charting of time. Some of the popular systems of Feng Shui such as Eight Mansions, Flying Stars and Xuan Gong Da Gua use the solar calendar. The Zi Wei Dou Shu Feng Shui on the other hand uses the lunar calendar.

With most of us having our birth dates tag to the Gregorian calendar system, the need for a conversion manual to convert the western dates of birth to the respective solar or lunar dates has led to the creation of the Ten Thousand Years Calendar. The latter converts the Gregorian calendar dates into their equivalent Chinese solar or lunar dates for purposes of birth date destiny analysis and geomancy.

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