If a woman was to find that she has the tendency to attract men who are not very masculine and/or if she is tired of trying to make everything happen through force, she may look into what she can do to embrace more of her feminine aspect. Still, having a strong masculine element may have allowed her to achieve a certain level of success.

She may hold a very high position where she works and earn a very good salary, or she could be a student. Either way, she will have got to the point where how she is living her life is no longer cut it.

In The Middle

It is then not going to be about her replacing her masculine aspect with her feminine aspect, as she will want to become more balanced. Naturally, there are going to be times when she will need this side of her being.

Thus, if she was to remove this part of her being, she would solve one challenge only to create another. By embracing the other part of her being, she will become a more integrated human being.

Two Parts

One way to look at the masculine would be to say that this element relates to the doing, while the feminine element relates to the being. The former is also about giving and the latter is about receiving.

There are, of course, many other things that are associated with both of these elements, but these are key parts of each element. A woman like this is then not going to have any trouble getting things done and giving things, yet it will be hard for her to just be and to receive.

Letting Go

So, instead of trying to control everything and to make everything happen though the power of her will, the woman will need to surrender. This is something that is going to take a fair amount of trust.

When she is with a man, she will need to be able to trust that he will look after her and make the right decisions. There will also be the trust that she needs to have towards the universe, to know that she will be taken care of.

A Big Difference

Now, if she has been out of touch with this side of her nature for a very long time, it is unlikely that her life will change overnight. If she was to rush into this, which would be normal if she was still strongly identified with her masculine element, she might end up experiencing something that pushes her back, so to speak.

This could happen if she was to surrender to the wrong man or just went along with something because someone else recommended it. After this takes place, she could still have the desire to change, but it could be harder for her to do so.

Inner Guidance

With this in mind, it will be essential for her to listen to the guidance that is in her body – her gut instinct. Embracing her feminine aspect will involve listening to the information that is in her body, as opposed to relying on her mind to tell her everything.

The mind, being an expression of the masculine, is easy to hear; whereas the body, being an expression of the feminine, is harder to hear. Said another way, the mind screams while the body whispers.

Strong Foundations

When the woman is in her masculine she may find that she feels invulnerable, yet she may feel vulnerable if she was to embrace her feminine. Embracing this part of her nature is then going to take a certain amount of trust and it will take a certain amount of inner strength.

What this shows, then, is that while the feminine aspect can be seen as being weaker than the masculine aspect, it takes a lot of strength for a woman to express this side of her being. If this side of a woman’s being is covered up, it is likely to show that she doesn’t feel safe enough to embrace it.

Moving Forward

If a woman is aware of how she wants to behave, she can gradually change her behaviour. It will be important for her to take her time and not to force anything; this is not a masculine sprint, it is a feminine walk.

At the same time, this approach might not be the answer. The reason for this is that she may be carrying a fair amount of trauma and a lot of this trauma this may need to be resolved before she can truly embrace her feminine aspect.

A Closer Look

Something may have taken place in adult life and/or during her early years that caused her lose touch with her feminine aspect. If it relates to her early years, she may have experienced some kind of abuse.

Due to the trauma that is within her, a big part of her being will believe that it is far too dangerous to her to take her hands of the steering wheel from time to time. Doing so could be seen as something that would end her life.


Simply changing her behaviour is not going to be the answer as this could cause her to be retraumatized. If she starts to work through her inner wounds, she will probably find that her behaviour changes by itself.

When it comes to healing her inner wounds, she may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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