Hair baldness can happen in anybody man, woman, young, old it really doesn’t matter, and the topic for today is Female Hair Loss Treatment. So, women really ca experience many different types of hair baldness there are more common reason to experience hair baldness for example what consider women pattern hair baldness from stress, from thyroid disease, having diffusion in iron store, having nutrition diffusion disease there another less common type of hair baldness that can also affect women, there are usually rely on the immune system and treated much differently and another type of hair baldness one of the best pieces of advice usually give women who are either asking they have to go for a certified dermatologist because it is really important to figure out you while having hair baldness and having addressed properly. In hair baldness disease it is normally 100 hair fall per day it is a scientific figure or may you think that is the maximum number of hair fall per day but it depends on nature. So, this can happen because some hair is miniaturized or thin hair which is not clearly visible that hair also falls so this figure goes near to 100 if we compare male and female hair so we can see the most important thing is in female patient’s hair or 100 hair of the male patient because of the length of hair the hair baldness looks scarier in female, so visibility chance of this hair we found around us are also female hair this is why female patients are scared by comparing both male and female we noticed that hardly female patients are bald as compare to men what’s the reason that we can’t found most female bald the reason is hair baldness is more common in males because of hormones called DHT which is responsible for hair fall in women these are present in less quantity almost negligible, so you can recover the hair fall by female hair loss treatment.
One of the types of hair fall of the female is diffuse hair fall, in this case, your hair will be fall from all over the scalp, and your hair becoming thin. Usually, this is not aggressive, in female pattern baldness, the hair fall started from the central portion of the hair, in some women, the hair starts removing from the side. So, in pattern baldness, the baldness starts from the central line and gradually this line becomes wider as the grade of baldness increase another type of pattern hair fall is Alopecia Areata can be associated with other autoimmune disorders like thyroid disease but in this disease, the hair will return back after some time. Another pattern of hair fall is TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM can be caused by physical mental illness and usually happens after 3 the month of the incidence of the hair enters the telogen phase and fall after 3 months.
One of the most important cause is NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES we can see in most of the female patients iron deficiencies is very common in most of the countries. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead the hair to fall by storing the vitamin D we can recover the hair fall sunlight is very helpful to store vitamin D. harmonium problem is the major cause of hair fall in most of the women we found symptoms of PCOD in this you get overweight, hair fall, facial hair growth, Acne. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the single most important factor. Excessive use of hair cosmetics and harsh shampoos can cause hair fall, stress is the most common reason for hair fall the Female Hair Loss Treatment that happens due to stress is giving sympathy to those who are losing hair rather than focusing your energy on stress, focus on happiness. Most of the diseases originate from your subconscious, which can be stopped by using female hair loss treatment.
Different treatment options are available for Female Hair Loss Treatment so this option can be Medical therapies in the form of minoxidil and finasteride, PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy), Hair transplant surgery, camouflage technique switch includes hair patches/WIG and hair fibers. The first female hair loss treatment is minoxidil, it is usually available in lotion form it is given in different consideration for male and females having hair fall it acts in increases the blood flow to hair roots in hair follicles by increasing blood flow it increases the thickness as well as the length of hair. The second Female hair loss treatment is finasteride it is available both in the tablet and lotion form usually available with a combination of minoxidil we can decrease the hair fall by using it on the scalp twice a day. There are many other female hair loss treatments are available to decrease hair loss in women. If you want to know more detail,

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