It is widely believed that the thoughts that one has create their reality. And this outlook is supported by numerous people in the self help industry. Thoughts then end up being the primary point of focus; when it comes to one attracting what they want in life and repelling what they don’t want.

So it is then vital that one thinks positive and avoids all negative thoughts. This is a big part of the law of attraction; which states that one attracts what they focus on. If ones thoughts are focused on what they want, that’s what they will then attract into their life. And if ones thoughts are focused on what they don’t want, then that will also be what they attract into their life.

While some people are firm believers in the power of one’s thoughts, there are others who challenge this perspective. They question how ones thoughts could have so much power and influence over one’s life.

These doubts can come from people who have not studied or researched this process and therefore no very little about the whole thing. And the opposition can also come from people who have applied this in their own life and yet nothing has really changed.


There are all kinds of questions that people can come up with in regards to ones thoughts creating their reality. And some of this opposition can include the following questions and statements:

· I didn’t think about attracting an abusive man/woman and yet I ended up with one

· People who end up being attacked don’t think about how they want to be hurt by others

· I have placed my thoughts on attracting the perfect partner for a while now and nothing has changed

· I didn’t think about being ill and yet I have become unwell

From these common questions that people have and many others like them, it is clear that there is a lot more to this process than simply how one thinks or doesn’t think.


A common outlook is that one’s thought control ones feelings and emotions. So through thinking positive, one will feel positive as a result. In a way, this is the mind trying to control the body and while this can work to some degree, it can also work the other way.

Here, how one feels will define the thoughts that they have or don’t have. Based on the feelings and emotions that are in one’s body, the mind will interpret them to mean certain things and this will result in either positive thoughts or negative thoughts appearing in the mind.

Trapped Emotions

And these feelings and emotions can be trapped in one’s body. Therefore one’s mind will not be at peace, it will be filled with negative thoughts. Simply because the mind is interpreting the feelings as a way to avoid feeling them and stop one from being overwhelmed.

This is a kind of defence mechanism that the mind uses to maintain a sense of balance. If these feelings and emotions were not kept under control and the right support was not there, it could lead to all kinds of problems.

Conscious And Unconscious

These feelings and emotions can be something one is conscious of or they could be fairly unconscious in nature. One could actually become disconnected from them through thinking positively. This just causes them to stay in the body, but although these feelings can be unknown to the mind, they will still have an effect on one’s life.

One can end up having no awareness of what is going on in their body and live in their head for example. So what shows up in ones life can then be a mystery. And yet, if one was aware of their feelings and emotions, they would see that their reality is a reflection of them and not their thoughts.


Whether one thinks positively or negatively is ultimately irrelevant; what matters is how one feels. This is why it is often said that one should not think about what they don’t want, but what they do want.

If what showed up in one’s life was a direct result of what one thought, then one could say ‘I don’t want this or I don’t want that’ and it would be fine. However, by one focusing on what they don’t want, they are giving off feelings of what they don’t want. So these feelings will attract experiences, situations and people that are in sync with these feelings.

This is described as the law of resonance; something Dov Baron has spoken about for many years. And this basically means that one is giving of an energetic resonance. And what one attracts into their life is simply a match of what they are resonating. So in order for one to attract different things into their life, they need to change their resonance.


Therefore, nothing is ever personal; it is simply a reflection of what one is either consciously or unconsciously giving off. Some people are then not luckier or more fortunate than others; they are different, but no different to anyone else. What is different is what they are giving of at an emotional level.

If one feels a certain way, they will attract anything that mirrors those feelings. There is nothing out there or no person deciding whether one can have something or they can’t; it is simply in resonance to how one is feeling.

The Challenge

When one is aware of their feelings, something can be done if one is attracting things that don’t serve them. But if one is unaware of what they are feeling, then one will inevitably feel victimised by other people and by life itself. For as long as these emotions and feelings are trapped in the body or momentarily being felt by the body, they will give of a resonance.

This is often why people are attracted to people and situations that do not benefit them. Of course one won’t say to themselves ‘I want to attract an abusive man/woman into my life’ that would be ridiculous.

The reasons one attracts this type of person is due to the feelings and emotions in their body. One could feel worthless, unlovable, and ashamed and have certain feelings to do with being violated. And these feelings create a resonance that attracts someone that is a match.

These could have been trapped in one’s body due to what has happened in their adult years. And they can go back to when one was a child, baby and even what they picked up in the womb.


It is often said that one’s natural state is abundance, peace, love, health and harmony for instance. So this means it is not so much about one trying to attract any of these things, it is more about one letting go of what is stopping them from experiencing their natural state

And once one is in their natural state, there will be very little effort required to attract these things; simply because one is exactly what they want to attract and they are not asking for anything they haven’t got.

This process can be assisted through a therapist or healer that allows one to face their trapped feelings and emotions and release them. And as one feels begins to feel differently on the inside, their world will reflect this change. Ones behaviour will also change as a result of one feeling different.

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