Darkness & light are not two different things but two complementary values of same property. Existence of one ensures the absence of other. Absence of light is called darkness. When we say ‘there is light’, it automatically means ‘it is not dark’ and similarly when we say ‘it is dark’ it implies ‘light is absent’
The positive value (light) helps us to do what ever we are doing (moral/immoral, legal/illegal, right/wrong) with ease. Its negative value (darkness) makes simple thing difficult. So it becomes very difficult to do what we want to do.
It doesn’t matter as to what is the source (of light); it may be a tube light, lamp or sun. As long as the light is available, we are comfortable.
The absence of light (darkness) makes us handicapped. We become blind and behave like blind persons. Sometimes when light is not enough, we are able to perform our jobs but not very comfortably. So we require light in enough quantity. The meaning of enough may be different for different people/situations.
The importance of light (the positive side) is fine, but this does not mean that we discard the darkness (negative value) altogether. Darkness has also its value & place in life. We require darkness when we rest & sleep.

The above mentioned fact about light (& darkness) holds good for some other properties also which are in the category of our feelings. These are –

Faith --> Fear, incompleteness, complaint
Love --> hate, anger
Acceptance --> Lust, fixation illusion

Faith – As presence of light makes our life comfortable in doing whatever we are doing, in the same way presence of faith is also required. Mere presence of faith is needed to make our life a celebration. It does not matter on what object our faith is based. One may have faith on his/her ‘mother’, other on ‘law of land’ and some one on ‘God’, ‘The system’, ‘ability’ ….(the list can be very long).The object on which the faith is based may be abstract or non-real.
As long as you are in the state of ‘faith’, it ensures that its negative value (Fear, incompleteness, complaint and variants) are absent. Moreover you are relaxed, comfortable and protected so you give your best to whatever you are doing/trying to do.

Love- Same is true for love. If you love something (it may be your fiancé, mother, your country, your job, your locality or so on), it is ensured that you are not in the state of hate, anger or its variants. Our ‘capability to work’ enhances tremendously when we are in love. We are more focused, in harmony with our self and the environment and can accept bigger challenges.

Acceptance- Willing acceptance of reality makes you realize your present position, capability and limitations. Therefore action initiated after such a realization are more practical and generate goodwill.


Those of us, who often find themselves in the grip of any of the negative feelings, should analyze their situation .If the intensity or impact of (negative) feeling is making their lives miserable/uncomfortable, they are in need of change.


Feeling can be induced by the company or situations. It means that if you involve yourself with a person who is in the habit of becoming angry or you land up in a situation (and choose to stay there) which is uncomfortable, there are fair amount of chances that you also become angry.
So to make your life happy (irrespective of what you are doing or what you want to do), just find a situation, person or object which can inspire you to have faith, love and acceptance (of reality). Even if you are unable to locate such an object in your present situation just create it in your imagination and start loving it, have faith in it and accept it.
You can soon see the changes in your life.

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Deepak Dixit is an engineering graduate from IIT,Roorkee (eartswhile University of Roorkee). He has served for more than 22 years in 'Indian Army' as an officer and had taken a pre mature retirement after that.
he has also served in corporate world for about 5 years.
Presently he is focusing on writing.
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