We are all liable to feel inferior to another person at some time. This can show up in the fact that we may feel not as attractive, intelligent, slim, rich, popular or somewhat ‘ less than’ other people for many different reasons. When we feel like this, we look at others in our lives as being ‘ better than us’ in some way. We may long to be like them but we convince ourselves that this is not possible for us. The fact is, feeling inferior is a horrible feeling! It can bring up feelings of despair, jealousy and yearning.
Another issue with feeling inferior is that we believe that other people view us as being inferior too! We can become convinced that other people look down at us and see us as weak, unattractive and ‘ not good enough’. This can lead to us feeling embarrassed and shameful of who we are.
Feeling inferior can restrict us in life and stop us moving forward and taking risks. It can prevent us from trying new things such as attending a nice classy bar or restaurant as we may think ‘ I can’t go there, I won’t fit in’ or we will worry that others will look down at us or judge us.
How and what we believe in ourselves will also determine what choices we make – the job we take, the friends we have and how good we feel. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, it will be very difficult to feel happy and secure, even when things are going well in our lives.
The truth of the matter is, there really is no point trying to be like somebody else! Of course there will be times in life when people may be smarter, prettier, thinner etc than us – but it does not mean that we are inferior to them or they are better than us. In actual fact, nobody is either inferior or superior to us. We are all unique snowflakes in this world, each of us with our own special looks and talents – so why keep yourself small by trying to be like someone else – you are wonderful just the way you are – warts and all!
There is no one who is better than us – nobody on this planet – we are just different. Putting ourselves down does not serve us nor does it serve the world! The universe does not believe in similarity. Each one of us has our own unique quality or feature.
Here are some hints and tips for letting go of feeling inferior:
1. Write a list of all your wonderful qualities. E.g. Are you friendly, loyal, generous, helpful…write them all down! The key is to get busy focussing on your strengths, not your weaknesses!
2. Try this affirmation ‘ I am neither inferior or superior to anyone’ or ‘ I have many fabulous qualities’. Repeat this at least ten times a day.
3. The next time you find yourself feeing inferior to anyone – ask yourself ‘ Would you REALLY swap your life for this person’s life?’ Would you really want to let go of everything in your life to have what this person has?

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