Feeling Unloved and Unwanted By My Husband: Feeling Unloved and Unwanted In Marriage

Exactly what makes a fantastic relationship?

Exactly what are the elements for creating a content yet happy, healthy, and a permanently sort of collaboration in life?

I believe there are a few marriage tips, and I mean things you need to both provide in order to have a relationship that is as close to best as human beings can make them.

The Course in Miracles states, "This is the time for faith. You let this goal be set for you."

I call these, "Rocks of the Rose Garden" and these few simple to understand ROCKS are the standard cornerstones underpinning every fantastic, lasting love relationship the world has ever known.

Exactly what are they?

The first element is, 'Being Open-Minded':

Both parties in a thriving relationship need to be open-minded about themselves, and yes, but most especially about each other and about the relationship as an entity.


Because an individual will tend to only deal with things they really care about. The very first rock in the rose garden in a fantastic relationship is open-mindedness.

The next rock solid element is 'Loyalty':

You must want to devote to being loyal permanently, and this indicates, good or bad, heaven or hell, peace and/or war, you're ready to defend and stand what you appreciate, which is each other.

You need to be devoted to your relationship, to producing a life and way of life that matches you both and then doing whatever it requires to keep it for the rest of your lives together.

Loyalty is the rock of a fantastic relationship.

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Then there is, 'Honest and Open Discussion':

Being openly honest is the heartbeat of great communication and is our way of getting our own thoughts, hopes, worries, and ideas across to another person.

If we do not openly communicate, our partners have no chance of knowing what we expect, exactly what we desire, require, prefer, or yearn for from our relationships.

You should be able and ready to talk, to interact freely and truthfully about your expectations in order to keep common relationship problems to a minimal and preserve a happy, healthy, long-term relationship.

Next is, 'Generosity':

From the lips of practically everyone in the world, in some kind or the other, come these eventful words: You do have to "generously give if you want to receive.".

When one individual does more giving than taking (or more taking than giving), problems begin.

To avoid this, you should be willing to be generous in order to produce a harmonic balance in your relationship.

That is why this Rock of the Rose Garden in excellent relationships is generous.

If you feel your relationship lacks, there is no time better than now to start placing those rocks in your rose garden especially.

Why now?

Due to the fact that tomorrow may be too late, and you would hate to lose out on being able to spend many, many, more years of satisfied togetherness, wouldn't you agree?

I would not want to trade that for anything on the planet.

Forget about the work included, and simply be pleased you are able to put in the time and effort now, to ensure your relationship is one that will last, one that can stand the tests of time and with stand permanently.

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How much better could your marriage be if you learned how to get your husband to be more romantic? I know how frustrating and tiring it is to be in a good but boring marriage because I used to have the same problem too.

Luckily, I discovered the real reasons why a man becomes less romantic, and how to inspire him to become a more romantic husband - by becoming a more adorable wife. Allow me to share what I've learned so you can recreate the magic, fun, spontaneity and romance you once shared in your marriage too...

So what are the 3 real reasons why your husband isn't as romantic as when you first got married?

1. He is comfortable and happy with the way things are.

2. You do so much in your relationship that he doesn't feel the need to contribute that much anymore (you've enabled him to become lazy).

3. He doesn't feel appreciated when he takes the effort to do sweet things for you, so he doesn't see the point in working so hard if you're not going to be happy either way.

Think back to when both of you were still dating...

Do you recall showering him with lots of love and appreciation each time he did something nice for you? Don't you think that made him eager to do more for you? On the other hand, can you also begin to see how things started to change after you got married?

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For example, did you start taking his actions for granted thinking that he is just doing 'what any husband should do'? Or worse, did you make the opposite mistake of showing too much appreciation for your husband - by doing more and more in your relationship... so much so that he felt he wasn't needed to do the job anymore, and you felt resentful?

One thing you need to know about men, is that he's not going to change, just because you ask, beg, nag, or tell him to. If you want your husband to transform into the romantic prince you fell in love with, you need to learn the skills of how to get a man to do those things that will make you happy.

Get your husband to be more romantic by consciously making an effort to:

- Tell your husband the TRUTH about how happy he makes you.

- Tell your husband how much you appreciate him for all that already does for you.

- Stop criticizing or complaining about what he does or doesn't do.

- Take responsibility for your own happiness and stop expecting your husband to make you happy.

- Stop doing things that make you feel resentful.

- Learn how to communicate with men in a way that allows both of you to win.

As you start to relax and become more appreciative of your husband, he will automatically respond to the love, understanding and care that you give to him, which will make him more open to being romantic with you once again. It is so easy to make mistakes in your marriage when you don't understand why men behave the way they do. And so easy to make your husband happy... when you know how to be an adorable wife.

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The somewhat depressing but well-known statistic about marriage is that about 50% (half) of them end in divorce. It is unfortunate that so many marriages today are in turmoil. There are three main eventual results that occur when people are in an unhappy marriage:

1. they end up getting a divorce;
2. the grin and bear it but remain in their unhappy marriage;
3. they get help and make things better.

If your marriage is in trouble and you have been looking for marital conflict resolutions, you should know that there are many ways to tackle the issues you face. Of course, they require that both partners are totally committed to saving the relationship. For example, many couples start by going to marriage counseling.

In addition to counseling, there are a number of things you can work on together (without going to counseling) to save your marriage. None of them are particularly complicated or require unreasonable amounts of effort, provided that both of you are committed to making things work.

Here are 4 marital conflict resolution suggestions:

First, it is important to accept that nobody has a perfect, flawless marriage all of the time. In fact, almost nobody ever attains perfection in their marriage, even for short periods of time. Whenever you have two people who choose to share their time, resources, hopes, dreams and in some cases even children together - every day for the rest of their lives - there are bound to be challenges. Success in a marriage must be built upon the common goal of facing and overcoming the rough spots together.

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Second, you will want to make strong communication a cornerstone of your marriage. When communication breaks down, issues are bound to arise. The essential thing is to be honest with your spouse. Nearly every issue and problem you face can be solved if you keep communication strong. One important first step: spend more quality time together - you will be amazed at how much more naturally communication will come to you.

The third suggestion is: be willing to compromise with each other. Many successfully-married couples have made compromise into an art. If you are both willing to meet in the middle on some issues, you can usually both come away feeling good about how you resolved it. Marriage involves compromise in most things. Doing this expertly requires knowing when to push for your way and when to yield to the wishes of your spouse.

Fourth and finally, successful marriage is all about commitment. After all, if your car broke down on the side of the road, would you just leave this valuable investment of yours there never to return? No! You would go get help and try to revive it. The only time you would give up on your car is if there were no hope left. Saving your marriage entails the same level of commitment toward making things work.

Of course, some marriages, like some cars, have been through so much that they cannot be fixed and must be abandoned. In other words, divorce is inevitable in these cases. But, these instances are more rare than they may appear to if you just rely upon the divorce statistics. In most cases, if you work together with your partner to resolve the issues that have made your marriage unhappy, you can succeed in restoring your marriage to its former glory.

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Sensuality and passion between couples becomes heightened when they share in fun and enjoyable things together. We're always learning, growing and noticing new things about the person we married. They change and they grow and as we share stimulating and interesting times with our spouse so does our perception of them change in a way we didn't think possible. And this is why we shouldn't let our marriage become dreary and mundane but always seek out fun and challenging things to share together.

1. Try to remember what you liked about your spouse from when you were first married. What did you do to woo your husband/wife? Do it again! Sometimes, especially if we have been married for a while we tend to take each other for granted and forget about how much we love the person we married.

It's true, we do change as we experience life and as we get older but were not different people. Hopefully we are smarter, more experienced, happier, and more fun loving as we age. Did you know that couples who grow spiritually and mentally together instead of apart have better marriages? It's true!

2. Don't feel intimidated to try something different from your usual routine. Couples can literally get so caught up in their daily routines that they miss out on the special opportunities to add a little pack of spunk into their marriage. This is also true in the lovemaking department. Try different techniques and different positions. There is no need to be shy with your spouse, more than likely, they too would like to try something different out of the ordinary.

Try your expertise at bowling, roller-skating, or ice-skating, see a movie, or walk in the mall. Anything! Sharing time together doing things you normally wouldn't do brings excitement and fun back into a mundane relationship while bringing you closer together.

If you like a challenge, or you're a thrill seeker, try skydiving, bungee jumping or for the more conscience at heart and a bit safer, how about a roller coaster ride. But by all means do these thrilling things together.

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3. Take the weekend off and go somewhere romantic. Snow anyone? You don't necessarily need to know how to ski to enjoy the amenities and beauty of a ski lodge. Lounge in the Jacuzzi, go sledding, take long walks outdoors, or sit by the fire talking about anything and everything. But leave work and home life out of the conversation.

Take a trip to a lake in your area and stay overnight in a cabin. Go fishing, swimming, hiking, backpacking with your husband and eat by the campfire. Sleep in a tent and roast marshmallows.

4. Take a three-day spiritual/meditation retreat together. This will do wonders for the body, mind and soul. It will give you the relaxation you need to refresh your whole outlook on life and rejuvenate your marriage too.

5. Write down all the things you love about your husband/wife and share your thoughts with each other. Sometimes we forget to tell our spouse how much we love them or why we love them, but we all need to hear those words once in awhile. It's that bit of reassurance that brings music to our ears as it reminds us how blessed we really are to have married the person we did. Let's not forget about all those little things we love about our husband/wife. Let's tell them today!

6. Make up your own coupon booklet on the computer and give it to your husband/wife. In the coupon booklet for an example a coupon might read, "This coupon good for a 1/2 hour back rub." The next coupon might read, "Coupon good for 20 minute foot massage." The next coupon might say, "Good for one night out at your favorite restaurant". Coupon booklets are great because we can customize them to our needs and wants too.
Happy Romancing!

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