Feeling Scared For No Reason: I'm Scared of Everything What's Wrong with Me - The Anxiety Disease

On the 6th doctor I visited to look deeper into what these agonizing symptoms I was experiencing could be, I got some interesting advice. The advice I was given was unlike what anyone had ever told me before, and in time it showed me a natural path to overcoming my generalized anxiety disorder. After the numerous tests that came back to this doctor all showing no sign of anything serious, the result was that these symptoms such as my consistent dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pains etc that would ultimately lead me to full blown panic attacks, were all symptoms of anxiety. This was nothing new to me, I had done the same tests before and had the same negative results come back time and time again but I still had a lingering thought in the back of my mind that said..what if they missed something, AGAIN!

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The doctor leaned over gently and in a soft caring voice he said "Dennis, it's time for a fresh perspective that will lead to a new beginning." Whatever doc I thought to myself. At that moment believe it or not, I actually felt a little disappointed that the results were negative again. If there WAS something physically wrong than I would have been able to start dealing with it right then and there and be done with this 'thing' that ruined my life in every aspect for 6 years. "Could you elaborate on what you said" I asked the doctor, he continued on telling me that I needed something to get my mind off of me and my anxiety disorder which was starting to look like my true profession in life. The cycle of what's wrong with me, what will be of my future as a professional athlete with a dream that wasn't fulfilled yet, will I ever be happy, and how the heck would I ever take care of this new born baby we had led me down a road of feeling powerless, this anxiety monster was impossible to be tamed in my eyes.

The doctor went on to tell me that I needed a strong attachment to something, and run with it so that it would stop my over-worrying cycle of thinking solely about me. Simple advice I thought, and I explained to him that their was nothing more important then me in this world (obvious answer right), and proceeded to leave the doctors room as I played the role of a hopeless and dead man walking again, and went home.

As I was home I pondered what the next step would be, I had exactly 36 different types of zombie pills (benzodiazepines), witch-doctor cures, herbs, vitamins, teas, antidepressants... you name it lying in my cupboard. Some were empty and some were half full, I was a hopeless wreck. But just before I did my usual Google search on what this newest supposedly symptom of anxiety could be linked to potentially, I stopped myself and thought a little deeper into what the doctor was trying to tell me.

Let me remind you that THINKING wasn't something I did much of, I lived a life in total reaction to my physical world and their were anxiety triggers everywhere from people, to driving, to snowflakes for god sake (true story). The only relief my anxiety disorder gave me was when I was sleeping, and most days when I woke up I couldn't wait to get back to sleep again. I thought long and hard for the next 2 hours, wrote down all my thoughts about what the doc could have meant by his advice to me, and came up with some unexpected answers that were truly mind-blowingly simple but potentially powerful enough to create an exit strategy from the grips of panic and anxiety.

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The Answer Was Right There

I quickly realized that who I surrounded myself with I became! My environment had a massive impact on how I thought, felt and even acted. The more I hung around and practiced with better tennis players than me, the faster I improved my own tennis game. The more anxiety forums I became attached to daily sharing how bad my day went and my fears of the future, the bigger the hole was that I was digging myself into.

By the doctor saying that I needed a fresh perspective that will lead to a new beginning, I quickly realized it meant that I needed to put myself in an environment that could make my anxiety disorder issues look much smaller then what I made it out to be. I did the one thing I always deep down wanted to do, I booked a visit to the children's hospital the next day so I could get a first hand look at the children there who were suffering through illnesses I feared having due to my health anxiety.

Grateful For My Condition?

As I walked through each room of the children's hospital saying hi to all the kids, a feeling started coming over me that I hadn't felt in a long time. That was the feeling of guilt, guilty for playing the role of victim each and everyday for years around the people that cared for me the most, guilty for being selfish and thinking of my needs only without considering the needs of others, and guilty for giving into the cycle of fearful thoughts that led to focusing solely on these symptoms of anxiety.

These kids were only into the first few years of their lives, and were asked to bravely battle illnesses that they weren't prepared to battle. I realized that they didn't have control over their illness at all, whereas my condition was something I had total control over.

I walked out of the children's hospital that day feeling like a complete piece of (fill in the blank). 2 things hit me in the evening that day, #1) I either didn't have any thoughts related to my anxiety or I just didn't pay much attention to them the whole day I was there, #2) I created a new 'visual' to what I pictured my anxiety to be, what was once a monster the size of tyrannosaurs rex that dictated how I lived my life in every aspect, was now a new born baby crying for my attention. Incredible what one experience can do for a person I thought to myself. Not only that, but the power of mental imagery can truly set a person dealing with anxiety disorders completely free.

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I suffered with severe panic and anxiety for over 17 years. Two years ago I started using techniques that I'd developed to overcome my problems, and today I'd like to share one of the simple ideas I used to stop panic attacks from dominating my life.

This idea won't be for everyone, and it may not even be possible for you. But if this is something you can make use of, it will reward you greatly.

So, what is this thing I did that worked so well?

I got a dog! Well, it was a puppy, actually. A little rough collie (just like Lassie) called Millie.

I'd wanted a dog ever since I was a young child, but my anxiety and panic related problems always stopped me from actually going ahead and getting one. There were several periods of my life where I couldn't leave the house for up to 6 months at a time. I knew that I couldn't care for a dog, walk it, play with it, exercise with it, if I was cooped up in the house all day.

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But once I'd made some progress towards overcoming my anxiety and panic, and when I had learned to stop panic attacks before they struck, I decided I was healthy enough (in body and in mind) to finally get a dog.

And now, looking back on the year and a half since I got my puppy, I can see what an incredible difference she's made to my life. And to my anxiety.

The hour-long walk I take with her everyday helps. The discipline I need to feed her, walk her, and groom her helps. The companionship helps. And it's proven in countless studies that dogs help to lower blood pressure and stress levels, two things vital to controlling anxiety and panic disorders.

So if owning a dog is something you've resisted because of your problems with anxiety, I highly recommend you get brave and just go for it. My dog has made a huge difference to my life and played a big part in my being able to stop panic attacks from ruining my life, and I'd love for one to do the same for you.

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One of the common theories relating to the curing of anxiety disorder is to force the person suffering from anxiety to get into a situation that he or she normally avoids. This in turn, will help the patient become familiar with the adverse situation and as more and more familiarity takes place, the situation becomes less and less intimidating.

This article discusses this theory and examines how it works, what may be the pitfall to using it and what alternative method exists.


One of the mainstays of anxiety disorder is agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is literally, fear of the market place. Actually, this term applies to anybody who is fearful of leaving the home or going to one or more particular places. The old standby force theory would tell the anxiety sufferer to go out of the home or to these places using any means to do so!

With the force method, the anxiety sufferer will have to realize the cure to the anxiety disorder is to force yourself and if you don't you will not conquer this fear. Therefore, there will be no choice but to recover. This method though it is simple, can complicate matters, because while the patient is forcing his or her way toward conquering fear, there must be a moment, or perhaps quite a long period of time while he or she is operating in a petrified state.

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On top of that, the person who is advising or helping the patient must act ruthlessly and use such axioms as; "You must do this! You have to, it is for your own good."

I have to agree, conquering ones fear by force will work in many cases. The problem is, it can develop a lot of deep seated anguish in other cases. This is why:

Forcing is Fighting

Any kind of anxiety, from common nervousness to acute anxiety is a form of the flight or fight response. What causes us to feel nervous, whether it be somewhat nervous or a total state of panic, is adrenaline flowing through our veins. This adrenaline flow is caused when we are trying to run away from something, (flight) or when we are fighting something or some situation, (fight).

So, when we try to force ourselves to do something, we are really just trying to fight our way to our goal. Though a good percentage of the time we will be successful in winning this fight to our goal, we are doing nothing to desensitize our nerves. Because of this, other fears are bound to pop up.

Another Way

Probably the foremost authority of all time on anxiety disorders was Dr. Claire Weeks. She taught her anxiety patients how to mentally float. Instead of having the mindset you must do something, learn how to float into the fearful situation. Once this attitude of floating toward your goal is developed, you will be conquering fears but you will be doing so without adding any more anxiety.

Also, it is helpful to try to do away with a deadline as to when you will be floating outside, or floating into the super mart, for instance. Replace these deadlines with visualizations of your floating into the situations that previously brought you anxiety. Relaxation combined with visualizations of floating toward your gaol will get a better end result than forcing will. Furthermore, no more anxiety will be developed as you float your way to your goal of being cured of anxiety disorder.

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Stress kills. Maybe not directly but it is definitely one of the leading causes of ailments and diseases worldwide. There are many stress induced ailments that have great potentials of leading to early morbidity or, at the very least, make peoples live full of physical difficulties such as high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, anxiety and hostility among others.

Psychologists maintain that stress develops as a result of the inappropriate way we react to what they call stressors. Stressors are anything in the environment that affects our behavior, our thinking process and physical health in a negative manner.

Coping with stress is actually simple although often we don't see it that way as we don't usually make the time to sit down and consider things. Yet there are many things in our lives that need to be seriously pondered upon if we are to understand how to fend off stress.

1) Understanding our purpose in life and why we are here is definitely the first step towards dealing with stress effectively. It is best for us to slow down a bit and take the time to know who we really are.

2) Having simple wants and desires. Ambition, desire for riches, recognition and fame require time, effort and talent that we might not have in abundance. Frustrations are possible consequences when we can not get what we want, and frustrations are authentic stressors.

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3) Live right by eating the right food. Doing regular exercise and getting enough rest. Limit drinking to social drinking and don't smoke. In short, try to live a simple life.

4) Develop social support systems. Humans are social animals. We derive satisfaction from having a satisfying relationship with others. Friendship and love are what make life worthwhile. This means your family and home come first. So give your best to your family and it will give its best to you.

5) Knowing our limitations means that our actions are focused on what is possible. Accomplishments, however insignificant they may seem to others, as long as they give us satisfaction, can boost our confidence. Firm belief in oneself is a good way to deal with stress.

6) Helping others that lead to good feelings for us. Whatever difficulties we encounter in helping others will be adequately compensated by the deed. This is one great way to combat stress.

7) Have a positive outlook in life. This does not mean that we take an overly optimistic outlook on everything because that will be foolhardy. It means that we maintain the opinion that we have a fairly good chance of succeeding in everything that we do. The only way to survive a dangerous stretch is to regard it as a natural part of living.

If you make a decision today that you want more and are tired of living under high stress levels. Applying these 7 steps into your life will create a powerful change, a change you desire deep down.

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