Are you feeling out of balance, facing piles of unfinished projects, mounting financial indebtedness, or experiencing wellness issues that just won’t go away? If what you are doing to remedy these problems isn’t working, use Feng Shui principles to find balance and create new energy to attract good fortune.

If you are holding onto old ways of doing things that are not working you are creating negative energy in your life. The result is stagnation leaving you with many unresolved issues or unfinished projects. The visible outcomes of such energy stagnation could be family relationships that are not what you hoped for; jobs that never turn out to be what you expected; never getting promotions or pay raise you were promised; even a constant nagging feeling that you are never quite in the right place at the right time.
So just where do you begin?

Begin by taking a close look at what you have because it is a mirror reflection of your thoughts and the choices you’ve made. Look back in time and see if who you are today is the same person you were five years ago. Were things just the same then as they are now; were they better or worse?

As you look back, reflect on what decisions and changes you’ve made (or didn’t make) in your life that have led you to the present. Look at the things and people in your surroundings then and now. Do you have a better outlook on life today or are you still faced with the same issues…just the faces and the places are different? If your situation is better, what did you do to accomplish that change? Did you change relationships, jobs, homes or your thinking? If it’s not better, reflect further on why you are where you are today and why.

Since Feng Shui is all about using ancient principles to create balance in your life and to bring you positive new energy to help you generate your desired results, it is the ideal tool to use to bring balance and abundance into your life.. In this case your desired result is to eliminate the stagnation of blocked energy, unresolved issues and repetitive negative results; then bring fresh positive new energy into your life to help you create a better future.

It is very important for you to determine what parts of your past were filled with good energy. Those are the thoughts and things you hold onto that help you create a better tomorrow. Equally important is the need to determine what parts of your past were filled with negative energy creating what you don’t want and eliminate those completely from your life.
Eliminate Negative Energy from the Past

STEP 1: The easiest way to do this is to get out a simple yellow tablet and make two columns on the tablet. Label the left column “negative” and the right column “positive”. Everything in your life and your surroundings that does not provide you positive energy should go into the left column. Put only those things in the right column that provide you positive energy. Be sure to put everything on your list, even what seems very minor or incidental.

STEP 2: Once you’ve completed your list review it with great scrutiny. Then determine if those things on the negative side of your list can be removed from your life. “Things” are usually the easiest to begin with. Perhaps you’ve even gone through this step before and eliminated all the clutter and “things” in your world that are negative energy generators. How about relationships and your thinking? Relationships are much more complex as are your thoughts and they take more time and care to determine if or when you should make those kinds of significant shifts in your life.

For example, if wellness or lack of it has been an issue for quite some time, perhaps you need to look at the nutritional, exercise and positive mental attitude aspects of your life to shift to positive wellness energy.

with your career path or the quality of life, maybe you’ve finished that part of your life and it is time for you to move on so you can generate new energy relationships and career opportunities.

What you focus your thoughts on is what you create whether it is better health or a better career. Don’t just step out of one energy box that isn’t working for you and into another restrictive box. Think big and let expansive energy take hold. Moving to another location to get a job or create new equal relationships may not mean down the street. You may need to move upstate or across the country to shift to positive energy.

STEP 3: Evaluate your thinking. Are you a deficiency thinker or an abundance thinker? If you are a deficiency thinker you will use thoughts like I can’t, I won’t, I don’t ever… and will always be short of everything including money and great relationships. And, that’s what you will continue to attract. If you are an abundance thinker you will think I can, I will, I always… and you will come out ahead all of the time and attract prosperity. Once you have discovered what type of thinker you are, be determined about sending away deficiency thoughts and replace them with abundance and prosperity thoughts.

The rule of thumb in Feng Shui is “surround self with only positive energy things, people and thoughts to live a balanced abundant life”.

Balance and positive energy can come in small packages such as painting your room and getting wonderful new linens or un-cluttering your office; or energy shifts can be dramatic as in moving across the country. If what you’ve been doing for the last several years isn’t working then stop doing it and shift to a positive energy thought process and action plan.

Use your yellow tablet as your road map to your newly energized balanced future. Simply the act of putting everything down on paper will initiate the positive energy shifting process. Take action based on the information you’ve gleaned through observing your recent past life, your thinking and the mirror reflection of your current life. Your road map will lead you to your positively energized balanced and abundant future.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Heydlauff, CEO of Energy By Design, draws her knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and personal issues. She experienced and overcame many challenges such as job elimination, illnesses, loss of sight in one eye and care-taking. Pat was divinely guided to balance her world through her artistic expression, painting. This put her in a state of prayer and meditation which lead her to create the art book, “The Way We Go” Your Roadmap to a Better Future. She is also the author of published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, 21 Ways to Increase... Employee Engagement and published books. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or