If someone feels hopeless, it can cause them to feel down and as though they have no control. And, unless something changes, they could end up feeling even worse - sinking even further down into themselves.

It can then seem as though there is no way out, and they may come to believe that the only option they have is to end their own life. This could be how they have felt for a number of months or years, or maybe they have felt this way for as long as they can remember.

A Painful Existence

Clearly, it will be incredibly difficult for this person to handle life, and this is why there is going to be nothing good about experiencing life in this way. The ideal will be for them to reach out for the right support, which can be supplied with a therapist or a healer, for instance.

If they do this and are able to come out the other side, so to speak, they will have something incredibly valuable to offer the world. They will know what it is like to be at rock bottom and this will allow them to not only understand others in the same position, but to assist them – if they so choose.

Another Scenario

However, although it is possible for someone to feel completely hopeless about everything, they can also feel this way when it comes to one area of their life. For example, a relationship might not be going as they would like it to or they could feel stuck when it comes to their career.

Through feeling this way, they may come to the conclusion that they need to stay positive and to do what they can to improve their relationship or to move forward in their career. There will then be no reason for them to pay attention to how they feel; it will just be seen as something that they need to rise above.


It might only end up being a matter of time before they are able to change their circumstances, meaning that they will have done the right thing. Then again, it might not be long until they end up feeling the same way again.

What this can then show is that the reason they feel hopeless is not because they have ‘faulty thinking’ or that they are not doing enough, it can be a sign that they are with the wrong person or are doing the wrong thing. Therefore, if they keep trying to change what is happening and don’t take a step back to reflect on what is going on, they will continue to suffer.

The Wrong Direction

How they feel is there to notify them that they are on the wrong track or that they need to try a different approach. So, if they use their willpower to keep going, they will be wasting their time and energy.

What can make it hard for them to sit back, and not to do anything, can be the conditioning what they have received. A lot of self-development material, for instance, is all about taking action (the masculine aspect) and this means that the importance of being (the feminine aspect) is often overlooked.

Final Thoughts

I think that what this shows is that while it is important to take action, it is also important to be able to take a step back, to just be and to trust and let go. If someone is used to trying to do everything through force, it can take a while for them to get used to this.

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