There is something that just about everyone wants, and that is to feel good. It plays a big part in what someone does and doesn’t do. This can relate to one feeling emotionally centred and at ease internally and/or through having a heightened sense of wellbeing because of what is taking place externally.

In the first example, it is likely that one will feel good because of what is going on internally and yet as we are interdependent, external events are also likely to play a part.

When it is due to the second example, one may feel good about their life in general or have the experience because of a certain occurrence. And it won’t necessarily be due to what is taking place internally.

But if one feels a deep sense of unhappiness within, then it is going to be challenge to feel good. It won’t matter what is going on externally and where one is in the world or what they are doing. How they on the inside might be pushed to one side for a while, but it is unlikely to just disappear.


There are common options for people to choose from when they don’t feel good and some of these are fairly functional and others can be dysfunctional if they are relied upon. Things like alcohol, drugs, food and sex, are recognised as being used to alter how one feels.

If these were used from time to time, excluding drugs, it is probably not going to cause too many problems. To use these in excess is going to lead to the creation of further problems and one could end up feeling even worse.


Engaging in some kind of exercise every now and then is good way to alter how one feels. One will get fitter, change how they look and the chemicals in their brain will also change. So there are many levels to this and one can benefit in many ways.

However, exercise is only going to get one so far and this could become another form of avoidance. Once they have stopped working out or doing a certain exercise, they are likely to soon return to how they were.


Another approach would be for one to change what they are eating and to get the right nutrients into their body. This may also involve taking certain vitamins and minerals as a way to supplement what they are eating.

And as today’s food is not as good as it used to be, in terms of nutritional value, there is a strong chance that one is lacking something. So to eat or to take the right things is going to change how one feels. It might not be enough though.


There are drugs that one can use to alter their state that are classed as legal and others that are seen as illegal. The illegal drugs that people use have been around for years and although their name may change, the drug itself rarely does.

Anti depressants are commonly used to treat people who have emotional problems. The trouble with these is that they don’t actually deal with anything and can cause one to be completely cut of from how they feel.

So they could end up like a zombie and completely out of touch with themselves. Or they could end up coming across as always happy and inauthentic; so their depressed, but their happy about it.


When someone feels down or low, this could be an experience that they have always had or it could have been something that has recently come about. If one has always experienced life this way, then they are not going to know what it is like to experience life in another way.

But if one felt fine before or only had moments of feeling bad and then they end up feeling low as a way of life, they are going to be able to see that there is another way. And this could give them hope and the conviction that they can return to how they were once again.

Trapped Emotions

Now, there could be all kinds of reasons as to why one doesn’t feel good and one of these reasons is due to trapped emotions. There will be two levels to this; not only will one feel different as a result of having them stuck in their body, their body will also respond differently.

It could be said that as their body is responding differently, one will feel different. And while this is true, it can also be the other way around; with how one feels shaping what is going on in their body.

The Body

It might seem inaccurate to mention the body and not the mind, especially as the mind is meant to be in charge of how one feels. But while the mind has generally been seen as the organ that affects how one feels, recent evidence has shown that this is not actually the case.

It is what is going on in ones stomach that is defining how one feels and not what is going on in their heads; what is happening is one’s mind is often the result of what is going on in their stomach. It has been said that over ninety percent of serotonin and over fifty percent of dopamine is made in the stomach.

So this means that one can change their thoughts and ‘think positive’, but if their stomach is not in order, it might not make any difference.


And while emotions can be held all over the body, the most important area, and the one that will define how one feels, will be just above the stomach. This is sometimes called the enteric brain, the ego, or the reptilian complex. In the heart can be loss, abandonment grief, betrayal and rejection and these will need to be dealt with.

And yet these will be on top of what is happening just above ones stomach. In this area can be the following feelings: powerlessness, hopelessness, loss of control and death.


What these trapped emotions will do is disrupt the body and stop it from functioning as it should. And when that happens, how one feels is going to change. These trapped emotions could relate to what has happened in their adult years and go back to when they were a baby and a child.

So one may have forgotten about what happened and yet the emotional experiences have stayed inside their body.


These trapped emotions will need to be released and then one can see if this is the reason why they feel as they do. This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to face them and gradually release them.

This could a while though, as if one has disconnected from their body and lives in the head; it is going to take some time to reconnect.

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