Ya' feelin' allright?
I'm not feelin' too good myself…
goes the song by Dave Mason of the English rock band Traffic in 1968. This song’ powerful lyrics, are actualy about the changes he must make to set his life in the right track. The energy it generates is high voltage.

How about generating the same energy, the same conviction but while singing “I am alright, I am feeling too good myself.” Forget about the rest of the lyrics just repeat it over and over!

Awsome, isn’t it?

This “feeling good sensation”, can be brought up any time you wish and it is much simpler to achieve than you think. This is one of my exercises from my book Dream Your Life Positively. Just think about something, someone, or an incident that made you smile and brought joy into your life. Re-live that situation and sincerely bring that moment up. Feel yourself feeling good and stay with that feeling. This good energy will recharge your inner self, boost your self-confidence, balance and harmonize your body. It is not a theory, it has been proved that “feeling good” promotes good health and makes you feel stronger and at peace.
So much achieved for so little work. Isn’t it great?

This “feeling good” is also a state of mind that is the most conductive to do your daily affirmations, set up goals and basically change your life for the better. In this state, you are training your brain to feel good more often while reaffirming that you have the right to be happy, to be loved, to be successful, to be strong, or whatever your hart desires. Focus on this wonderful feeling. Be grateful for it. Share this lesson you have just learned, this “good feeling” with your family and friends. Gratitude is a powerful feeling. It will validate your sincerity with your inner self and will gather more positive energies from all over the universe to propel you in the direction you have set up for yourself.

Have a great journey,

Ton Pascal

The above link is a video of Dave Mason with Steve Winwood in 2004 perfoming ‘Feeling Alright’, in case you need a little refreshing to get that feeling!

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Ton Pascal is a self thought , self help advocate and author.
Your thoughts and dreams will provide for you a rich, meaningful and abundant life; this is the Law of Attraction at work. It will enable you to create the map of your life’s journey. It is not just being alive that makes life worth living, but the depth and sense you bring to your life.