You don't stop very often to think about how you are feeling. And yet, how you are feeling is everything. How you are feeling is your point of attraction. How you are feeling is your asking from the Universe. How you are feeling is everything that is coming to you!

Most of you have not discovered that the Universe is conspiring to assist you. And so you work hard from an attitude of unworthiness, from a feeling that you are not enough, from a feeling that you have to justify. And what I want you to begin to do is recognize that the Universe is responding to the way you feel. So think about the way you feel.

Don't think so much about what you're thinking or about what you have or about how you compare with your actions or your possessions to others. Instead, think about how you feel. Ask yourself, "Am I sitting here in a feeling of well-being? Do I feel intimidated? Do I feel self-conscious? Do I feel inadequate? Do I feel unworthy? Or do I feel pretty good? Do I feel cocky? Do I feel full of myself? Do I feel in love with life? Do I feel exhilarated? Am I feeling fun? Am I feeling some passion?" How you're feeling is what your point of attraction is.

Your Point of Attraction

If you're feeling unworthy, you can work day and night, night and day, every day, and yet not allow the very things that you want to flow, because your vibration is not allowing it, and the Universe cannot buck your current feelings. How you're feeling is everything. So if I were standing in your physical shoes, I would let the contrast naturally produce the desire, because it will.

And when I feel a desire within me, I would look at it, I would recognize the weirdness of it, I would recognize how unfamiliar it feels, and then I would do what is my work: "I will do the work that I have been born to do: My work is to take that new desire and play with it in my mind's eye, until it feels familiar, until it feels like the manifestation of it is the next logical step."

The goal must exist to summon the Energy, but the goal can't matter that much -- or it stops the Energy.

Let us bring this to a place that if you get this, you will have quantum leaped into a new place of deliberate attraction: Most everybody stands here, dissatisfied to some degree, longing to be over there. But the whole point of that point of attention to over there is not to get over there. The whole point of the goal or the desire is that the desire summons Life Force through you.

That's why you're always wanting another goal, another goal, another goal. That's why I say you will never get it done. So, "Why do I want that?" It's an interesting thing, isn't it? The goal must exist to summon the Energy, but the goal can't matter that much, or it stops the Energy. You're wanting the goal for the sake of the Energy that will flow through you, not for the sake of the manifestation.

A woman, one day, said to me, "I don't think you care if my lover ever comes to me. I think you want me to envision him so clearly that in my mind's eye, he is real -- so real, that it doesn't matter that he's not really there." And I said, that's exactly right. I know when she feels him in that way, the pain will be gone from her, and the Life Force will flow through her, and all of her goals will be achieved. And I also know, then he must come. But it is not about him coming. It is about him being a goal that is reason for her to focus, that causes Life Force to flow through her. It is about the Life Force flowing through her.

I am delighted that you have unfulfilled goals, because as long as you have desire, Life Force is still flowing through you. From our Nonphysical perspective, I see the unfulfilled goal as the constant summoning of life. You say, "We want fulfilled goals!" And I say, Your goals will all be fulfilled when you get over being so unhappy that they're not fulfilled -- when you start being satisfied in the un-fulfillment!

The Cycle of Creation

Here I am. Here is this contrast that gives birth to a new desire. The new desire feels weird in the beginning, because this is where I'm used to vibrating. So I look at it; I talk about it; I visualize it; I play with it; I imagine it until it becomes familiar -- and now it is the vibration that is me. And now we are one.

Now I have a new platform from which to examine contrast, which gives birth to another desire, which is also weird in the beginning. I'm a failure' again; I haven't succeeded. But I look at it; I visualize it; I find the feeling place of it; it gets familiar; I imagine it; and it becomes the next logical step. It manifests, and now here I am again... You never stop that cycle so long as you all shall live -- which is forever.

You should say, "I will go forth into this physical time/space reality, because this is the best environment that I know of that will keep producing new desire within me. And nothing in all of the Universe is more delicious than to have new desire within me!"

Celebrate the desire that is within you, and stop cursing the fact that it isn't fulfilled! It is the desire that is within you that is worth everything -- it is life itself! You keep thinking that it must be manifested before you can feel good, and that is backwards. The fact that it exists is the reason for the Life Force.

There isn't anything that you want or have ever wanted, or anybody has ever wanted or ever will want that is for any other reason than this: You want it because you think, in the having of it, you will feel better. And I am here to say to you, you want it because in the wanting of it, Life Force is summoned through you -- and you are more alive. You are in the flow.

Being In The Flow is having goals that cause Energy to flow through you. It is being in such a place of expectation and acceptance of your eternal motion forward, that you are eternally in the flow. So people say, "How are you doing?" And you say, "Great!" And they say, "Well, is there anything not going well with you?" And you say, "Everything always goes well with me!" And they say, "Oh, but I see there are all these things incomplete in your experience." And you say, "Yeah, isn't it great? That means I'm still alive. I still have wanting, I'm still summoning life. That means I still have the future ahead of me. That means Life Force is still flowing."

Have you ever found yourself eating an ice cream cone and wanting to make it last? Do you find yourself ever in a sexual interlude or in a delicious book, wanting it to last? You can tell you're getting to the end of it, and you don't want it to be over? You know that feeling of savoring? That's the way we're wanting you to be with your goals. And that may be why you're not so eager to get on with the completion of everything. You're recognizing that you have all of this life before you -- so much wonderful stuff to do -- never getting it done.

Where you now are is the perfect place to be, the perfect place to move from, the perfect place from which to attract. Nothing is inappropriate with where you are. There's not one reason in this world for you to feel anything but proud about where you are and eager about what it will produce for you.

All things are possible. Oh, you can't even begin to get your thoughts around what is before you! But you see, none of you are ever asked (and it's a wonderful thing) to stand here and plan everything forevermore. Just stand where you are and let the natural desire that is born out of that come into alignment with you. That's your work: Contrast produces it. You feel it, recognize it, and then line up your Energy with it.

You are born into an environment that will produce the goals. Your work is then to choose from those goals, focus, as the creator that you are, and in your focusing, allow the Energy to flow to the completion of those goals. There are endless possibilities.

So many of you spend your lifetimes arguing about what is an appropriate goal. I'm not kidding when I say you cannot get it wrong. There are no actions that are deemed inappropriate as such. Sometimes people say, you scare us, because as you talk about absolute freedom, we are afraid that you might give people permission to do bad things to other people.

Whether I give them permission or not, everybody's going to do what they're going to do, and you can't get enough laws into place to keep that from happening. But I promise you, no one would ever do anything bad to any other at the same time they were connected to Source Energy. You never connect to Source Energy and lash out against anyone else.

As you are pushing against wrongdoers, even though they might be really doing wrong, your pushing against them disconnects you from any real power. You think the strongest one wins. But your pushing against them is dis-empowering you, and their pushing against you is dis-empowering them. So if your opponent wins, it is actually because you pushed against hardest.

When you are pushing against someone --you are weakening yourself. "My adversary won because I did a better job of disallowing my well-being. I pushed harder against him." I'm just wanting to get a little twist on this, so that you can give up all that pushing against, because it never helps.

There has been co-creating here that has taken this thought beyond that which it has been before. Once you have an opportunity to review this, you will realize that together, we will have achieved a sort of quantum leap in understanding.

Live in Joy!

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Lilly Calandrello, personal growth expert, MS, MA, Ph.D, is a relationship, marriage, family therapist, motivational and inspirational speaker, spiritual intuitive counselor and author. Lilly helps people from all walks of life develop strategies to attract, grow, and retain meaningful and long lasting relationships. Lilly's Blog - Follow Lilly on Twitter