When innovative technologies are implemented, they drive behavioral changes as consumers represent potential new markets. To improve efficiency and effectiveness in the current business logic, it becomes necessary to adapt to the newer changes while accelerating the innovative process. Executing this innovative approach with his exceptional managerial skills is Federico Protto.

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As the CEO of Retelit, Federico makes tough decisions to drive the business to provide clients with a wide array of digital solutions. Retelit is the Italian leader in constructing tailor-made digital transformation projects executed on entirely Group-managed platforms.

Sculpting The Professional Experience

In Federcios’s opinion, the dystonia of business today is precisely this: long-term planning is impracticable, but a company without a strategy is dead. Defining a 5-year strategy in a context that changes every six months is the main challenge of a business leader today; you must have a clear vision and goals in an unpredictable environment. The experience in Deutsche Telecom helped him a lot in developing these skills.

Under Federico’s leadership, Retelit has become more robust: carrying out ambitious expansion plans and revised its infrastructure network;

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