For all diet and weight loss programs, the prevailing theme is that individuals believe they cant lose the weight faster than they gained it. Even having a diet where only 1 or 2 pounds is lost per week, your objective could be obtained quicker than you might think. Diet scams are still in demand because Americans wish to lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

In a 2001 Federal Trade Commission report, it was found almost half of the weight loss ads of that year included at least one unsubstantiated or false claim. People are of a mind that there is some sort of magic substance that will make the pounds fall right off. These purportedly magic substances could possibly even trigger death. When these scams are not reported harmful, they make individuals reliant on pills, creams also as gadgets which hinder the user from seeking out a comprehensive long-term weight loss program.

Metabolism-boosting diet scams can entail utilizing substances that will cause severe injury or death. Substances like ephedra and the Kava plant have been extensively utilized, within the past, to help lose weight. The FDA later found that both of these substances can cause harmful side-effects that can even consist of death.

Fat-and carb-blocking substances are mainly utilized to block the absorption of carbohydrates and fats going into the body. This type of diet scam essentially makes the body intolerant to fats and carbohydrates and can lead to severe gastro-intestinal issues and, in severe cases, can lead to death.

There are many diet scams available that entice the public into thinking that there is a fast and easy way to lose weight that doesn't really need a lot diet and no exercise. The Federal Trade Commission has identified at least a few substances for weight loss that will be detrimental to a persons health. The diet solution is to exercise frequently and eat healthy foods.

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