Oh my gosh! It’s February already! But I gotta say, I’m totally excited to be here sharing this SoulCast because this month, has some amazing abundance just waiting for us! Before I even get started with all this wonderful energy that’s pushing its way into the Universe, I want you to give yourself a big warm hug because this month, February 2019, it’s all about the love! And no, I’m not talking about Valentines Day! Although, I do wonder what the fuss over one day out of the whole year is all about, as I truly believe that our love for one another is a blessing to be cherished and celebrated every single day, not just once a year.

Giving and showing our love for others isn’t about buying expensive gifts and spending your paycheque on the “Hallmark Holiday,” it’s about connecting with others in a positive and meaningful way. It’s about being there for each other, being supportive rather than critical or judgmental. Its about listening rather than objecting. Its about showing our unconditional warmth, generosity, compassion, gratitude, and kindness, whether for those in our inner circle, or those we may not know, but need our support.

This month is about beginning, building, maintaining, and nurturing, relationships of all kinds, including those with family, friends, romantic, work, and community, but perhaps the most important relationship that is overlooked is the one we have with ourselves. It seems that we are so busy tending to the needs of others by trying to gain their approval, love, respect, and loyalty, that we often forget about tending to our own needs. And in doing so, we miss so many abundance opportunities because we forgot to put the love for ourselves first.

In case you haven’t heard, you must love yourself before you can love someone else. I’m not telling you this because it’s something I think you should do, I’m just passing along the truth of what the Universe requires to maintain the balance between giving and receiving. Giving and showing love should never be an obligation, chore, or challenge, and if it is, it may be time to examine your relationships. Are the people you’re giving that love to returning it in some way, or do they take advantage of your love?

When we are spending all of our time trying to give love out of obligation, it isn’t always received as intended, but instead can be misinterpreted, skewed, unwanted, or goes completely unnoticed, which then creates problems in our relationships. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to make room in all that love and giving your dolling out and give some to yourself instead, because you’re worth it.

Remember last months mantra? It started with, “I believe I am at my best when”? Well, I have another mantra for you to work on this month, and here’s my example:

“In this moment, I love myself for all I am, who I am, and as I am”

You’re welcome to use my example or come up with your own, as long as you start it with “In this moment, I love myself” the rest is up to you. The reason to start it this way is because it is something you can use to bring your awareness to the present moment and release those negative Thought Monsters, limiting and conditioned beliefs and resistant energies of your Ego-Self, thereby allowing your True-Self to be present and available for whatever situation is happening, thus giving you the power to recharge, and refill the positive vibrational energy of love, for your External-Self to express with others.

This Month’s Energy Number is the number 6
This months energy is coming from the number 6. The number 6 in numerology is a female or (yin) energy that has a very nurturing, loving, compassionate, and protective vibration. Just like the ma-ma bear with her cubs, the number 6 energy will comfort, nurture, and pamper us with all her grace and tenderness, while she shields and protects us from the negative influences of our Ego-Self.

This energy is a strong and powerful vibration, and when we are ready to accept it as part of our daily journey, we can more easily quell the Thought Monsters of our Ego-Self and allow our True-Self to be heard. As the number 6 energy joins forces with the year number 3 energy, we are reminded that February is the perfect month to be, have, and do our relationships with ourselves and others in our most authentic, sincere, and respectful way.

Through the pairing of the number 6 and the number 3 energies, we are gently but strongly guided to honour and love ourselves by allowing our soul-voice to manage our relationship choices, decisions, and actions. In doing so, we can better express our External-Self with truth and authenticity and be receptive to new abundance opportunities for more and/or better connections, with both ourselves and others.

This Month’s Universal Law is The Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
Wow! That’s a mouthful! Let’s make this simple, and just say, “The Universal Law of Endless Transformation of Energy.” While it’s still a mouthful, those words are just easier to say and understand.

Our thoughts become our reality and this law is about transforming our negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into positive ones. We can begin this transformation through forgiveness of ourselves and others, surrendering that which no longer serves us, and taking ownership of our authentic being, thereby creating space for attracting and manifesting what we truly desire. In other words, it’s time for a clean slate. While we can’t just erase our past and forget about everything that’s happened up to this point in our life experience, we can choose to leave our past where it belongs, in the past, and shift our awareness to the present where we can focus on all that we are meant to be, have, and do, and how to attract and manifest our true desires as we move forward.

As we learned from the 2019 yearly SoulCast, The Universal Law of Gender states, “there is a time for all things,” and paired with this month’s Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, it appears that the month of February is the ideal time to let go of limiting and conditioned beliefs of our Ego-Self, and tune into our True-Self to help us stay connected with the present, and ready ourselves for the journey ahead. Perhaps it’s time to stop feeding our Thought Monsters with rhetoric about things we can’t or won’t be, have, and do, and replace that negative chatter of our Ego-Self with love and acceptance of all that we can be, have, and do. As change begins from within our True-Self, until we are ready to identify and let go of things that are holding us back, it’s likely we will remain stuck with the same situation, the same scarcity mindset, the same limiting and conditioned beliefs, and the same problems, that are blocking us from receiving new, better, more, and different abundance opportunities. Thereby, leaving us stuck with more of the same abundance rewards or consequences, which no longer serve our highest good, or help us achieve our greatest potential.

If we want to attract and manifest new, better, more, and different abundance than we are currently getting, then it may be time to ask some difficult questions of ourselves regarding what and/or who we need to let go of in our career & finances, personal & professional relationships, friends and family, and the state of our health & wellness, to determine if what we are doing is helping or hindering our efforts to achieve our greatest potential. Sometimes we hold onto things we don’t really need, whether our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and values, or our jobs, relationships, habits, and material possessions because the thought of letting these things go and closing door number one, means becoming vulnerable to whatever scary thing awaits us behind door number two. However, it’s time to realize that staying stuck behind door number one with all our fears, thought monsters, biases, perceptions, and judgements are not only the very things that are keeping us from all that we want to be, have, and do, but they are also stifling our internal vibrational energy from matching the vibrational energy of the Universe to attract and manifest our true desires.

Energy is in constant motion, and all energy, whether positive or negative, will eventually manifest and become abundance. Remember, this law is about the endless transformation of energy but when we are only operating from our Ego-Self, we stifle our True-Self and the energy will get stuck in a loop, only having enough room to endlessly transform into more of the same abundance we already have. When we clean our internal slate by forgiving ourselves and others, letting go of our negative fears, emotions, beliefs, habits, judgments, biases, and relationships that no longer serve us, we make room for attracting and manifesting new abundance opportunities, allow our True-Self to transform into all we want to be, have, and do, and give our External-Self the ability to express our authenticity.

A great exercise to try this month is to start a journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just somewhere to jot down questions and answers about life and situations we’re facing. And since we’re on the topic of letting go of things that no longer serve us, here’s some questions to get you started...(please feel free to jot these down)

• What and/or who do you need to let go of in order to move forward? i.e.; a habit, a social or community activity, a bias, a feeling or emotion, a personal or professional relationship, a job, career, or occupation, or maybe a material possession...Hmmm, is it time to clean out your closet, de-clutter your home, clean out your car or your desk? (There could be more than one – feel free to write them all down)

Once you have identified the things to let go of, you can then ask and answer each one of your “let go of” list separately, with the following questions:

• Are you ready to let it go? (Explain your answer)
• Can you let it go? (Explain your answer)
• If not now, when will you be ready to let it go? (Provide a date or explanation)
• What has to happen for you to be ready to let it go? (Explain your answer)
• How will letting it go benefit your life experience? (Explain your answer)

Journaling isn’t for everyone but writing stuff down and providing our complete honesty about whatever situation we’re facing, is an easy way to raise our energetic vibration, prepare us to make changes where needed, and/or perhaps even start a new path.

By the way, you don’t have to let go of everything all at once, it’s not a race, just let things go when you feel ready to do so.

This Month’s Tarot Card is the Lovers
How fitting this card is for us this month! It is a true testament to all that is and what’s to come. The Lovers card represents both male and female energies that are eager to forge a connection to each other and all that awaits the confines of our True-Self. They are both the temptation to partake in the pleasures of all that life offers, while grounded enough to know that biting the apple of temptation may not be worth the risk ahead.

It appears they are the perfect match this month, as they will work tirelessly to keep the balance of our True-Self on track and stave off the temptation of our Ego-Self to spin out of control. The male and female energies of the Lovers are also very fortunate to be watched over and guided along by this year’s SoulCast Tarot card, the Empress, whose peaceful and compassionate nature will prompt our External-Self to speak, share, and act in our most thoughtful and authentic way.

The Lovers Card reminds us that even when the clouds of doubt cast a shadow on our path, we can trust our intuition to steer us in the right direction. When we allow for these two energies to forge their connection, it appears that their union will be blessed by the Universe and infused with the positive vibrational energy that is needed to begin attracting and manifesting the abundance we truly desire. Since we are only limited by the thoughts, beliefs, habits, people, judgements, attitudes, and actions that no longer serve us, then perhaps the connection between the male and female energies of our True-Self, will strengthen the bond with our intuition, and empower us to let go of all that negativity. Thereby making room for us to love, forgive, and accept ourselves, as we are, unconditionally. And once that happens, we can more easily share that same unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance with those who need and deserve it most.

This Month’s Chakra is the 3rd Eye
The 3rd Eye Chakra is located right in the centre of our forehead and rather than looking outward and seeing the world, it looks inward and sees us as we are. The 3rd Eye Chakra is our 6th Chakra and has a direct connection to our intuition, foresight, learning, intellect, wisdom, and perceptions. When our 3rd Eye Chakra is closed, we tend to use our Ego-Self to judge ourselves and others through a narrow and sometimes shallow perspective. When it’s open and the vibrational energy is freely flowing, it is the gateway to our True-Self, and our opportunity to see that the glass is never half-full, but rather spilling over with all the Abundance we truly desire, when we allow our True-Self to lead our life experience.

February 2019 is the perfect time to practice the old saying, “Open heart, Open Mind,” as when we have both, our entire perspective both internal and external will profoundly change our life experience. Our 3rd Eye Chakra can help us achieve this transformation, through accessing our intuition, foresight, and wisdom within, to find our Soul Purpose and unravel the mystery of who we are truly meant to be. By allowing our heart and mind to open in unison, we will be able to let go of things that no longer serve us, accept ourselves as we are, be open to new ideas, learning opportunities, and experience or connect with things we may have once feared, misunderstood, misjudged, or simply dismissed.

As our new discoveries take hold, we may also note how our 3rd Eye Chakra is superbly matched this month with our Solar Plexus chakra from our 2019 Yearly SoulCast. Together, these two Chakras will spin harmoniously to create a centre of balance by clearing out the old stagnant energies that keep us from knowing and understanding who we are and allowing all that’s new to enter our heart and mind.

This Month’s Archangel is Chamuel
Chamuel is the angel of unconditional love and peace. He is a counselor and healer who brings peaceful resolve to difficult situations and helps uncover truth and passions within to inspire self-love, and provides guidance for finding careers, relationships, and life purpose.

As we move through the month, we may begin feeling a bit restless while we undertake these new transformations. Although this restlessness may cause some confusion, as our thoughts about who we truly are emerge, we can be comforted in knowing that Chamuel is always near, and as the Universe would have it, so too, is Raziel, our Archangel from the 2019 Yearly SoulCast. Chamuel is eager to help us love, forgive, and accept ourselves unconditionally and with the help of Raziel can reset, balance, and recharge our Chakras to help us move forward with our newfound perspectives.

This Month’s Crystal is Amethyst
By now you have probably noticed a distinct pattern in this months SoulCast as it not only relates to finding, feeling, accepting and giving unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance for ourselves and others, but also tapping into and using our intuition to help us connect with our True-Self and let go of things that no longer serve us. Well, we are in for a treat, as Amethyst is not just a beautiful stone to wear and display in your environment, but it is also an amazing stone with strong vibrational energy that when used in meditation can help open our 3rd Eye Chakra, release negative energies, heal past and present emotional and mental traumas, and signal the Universe to refill and recharge our Chakras.

Paired with Malachite, found in the 2019 Yearly SoulCast, we can be assured that through our decision to accept and experience these transformations of our mind, body, and spirit this month, we will be safe and well protected spiritually, and our overall sense of confidence will show, with everything we are, have, say, and do.

This Month’s Aromatherapy is Clary Sage
This spicy and grassy scent resembles the smell of a peaceful walk through a tranquil meadow, on a warm spring day. When used in meditation it can help open the 3rd Eye Chakra and aid in restoring our inner-strength and confidence. It clears away worries, aches, and pains, provides relaxation, peacefulness, tranquility, and helps alleviate migraines. It also stills the mind, offers clarity, focus, concentration, and presence in the moment, which will be the perfect scent to use with this month’s mantra.

This Month’s Colour is Indigo
Indigo is a powerful colour for engaging our intuitive senses, otherwise known as the four Clairs, sight, knowing, feeling, and hearing. Indigo is a combination of a dark blue and violet and can carry with it the properties of both colours. The dark blue is associated with deep thought that works alongside our mind, while the violet is associated with our intuition and our four Clairs, especially our sense of knowing, which comes from our Soul. While we try this month to tap-into our intuition, through meditation, wearing something indigo or setting our Amethyst and Malachite stones on a piece of indigo cloth could help us more quickly achieve our mind/soul connection.

Just something to be aware of, sometimes the colour indigo can really overwhelm our senses because the components of the two colours can compete with each other, in that until our Ego-Self (mind) and our True-Self (Soul) have bonded and made peace with each other, indigo may cause some External-Self communication difficulties and misunderstandings. For example; if you are going to a job interview and you’re wearing an indigo suit, it might be wise to compliment your suit with a more calming colour, like a lighter shade of blue, yellow or green. Or if you have a lot of indigo in your environment, add some other colours, as indigo, in large quantities, does tend to cling onto negative energies.

As always, whatever you do, do it with purpose, for purpose, and on purpose

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Stay Tuned for your March 2019 Energy Soulcast

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Intuitive Energy Healer/Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Numerologist, Tarot Practitioner, and Angel Practitioner with an integrated approach to helping others attract and manifest the Abundance they truly desire to be, have, and do, who and what they’re truly meant to be, have, and do, according to their soul purpose.