Many felt the force of Mars as he stationed (stood still) and made a prompt about face to retrograde motion on the 23rd of January. Being a personal planet, his influence is often felt in our everyday lives. One year, when Mars was transiting the degree of my ascendant, I had an army of machinery in my front yard for 2 days – backhoes, chain saws, leaf blowers, every kind of equipment imaginable. Such is the power of a Mars transit. With Mars now retrograde until April 14th, we can use this time wisely to complete unfinished projects, clear out negative health issues, or otherwise use the cutting power of Mars to release unwanted debris from our lives. It’s good to analyze the effects of Mars by house and sign in your astrological chart to understand how he will likely show up in your life.

Next on the retrograde radar is Saturn; he takes his turn from February 7th – June 25th. With both Saturn and Mars retrograde, we may feel as though we are just holding a place in the parade or time. Actually, this is a beneficial time period for the world stage as much will be happening behind the scenes in the way of negotiations and even efforts for peace. Hold on to the vision that we are living in a time when anything is possible, including positive development for breakthroughs of all kinds.

Neptune enters his watery domain of Pisces in early February. Pisces is a sign of faith and trust – two qualities that Neptune in Aquarius has found difficult to express. I think Neptune especially in the late degrees of Aquarius has been uncomfortable – much like a butterfly encumbered by the last vestiges of his chrysalis stage – carrying the heavy load that once offered protection, but is now just an empty shell.

Look for art, music, and harmonic resonance as Neptune moves into Pisces. The challenging squares of Pluto and Uranus are affording a polarization into our real world; it’s all unfolding within a divine and perfect plan. Enjoy your part in this play – we are all going to make it, and, it’s going to be good!


Aries – (March 20 – April 19) Although Mars is busy setting up roadblocks in the productivity department, Venus is having a lovely time with your personal life. Enjoy this season of flirtation and general fun while it lasts. The goddess of love is also known to deliver financial windfalls from time to time; remain alert, and take action when yours appears – on or around the 9th of the month!

The Full Moon of February 7th lights up your 5th house of creativity and pleasure. You may suddenly find yourself spending extra time with an old flame this month when someone from the distant past appears on your doorstep. Try not to overanalyze things on the 23rd and count your blessings on the 25th; remember that good fortune comes in many disguises.

Taurus – (April 20 – May 20) February is a month to exercise your faith, Taurus. There are many unseen forces working on your behalf now; trust in the process and know that great things take time to manifest. Between now and June, each one of you will receive a meaningful gift – know that you will be counted in this cosmic blessing.

The Full Moon of February 7th warms up your home and inner foundation. Finally, you have come to a place of security and unshakable confidence. Although you feel like staying at home, this is your month to get out and meet new people. Do not allow a misconstrued threat lead to poor decision-making early in this month. Hold true to your course, and know that you are on the right track.

Gemini – (May 21 – June 20) True to your nature, this looks to be a very busy month, as the Full Moon of February 7th lightens up your sector of communication and travel. Avoid impulsive decisions on the 7th, as speedy Mercury, your ruling planet, joins the Sun on this day which leaves you with a tendency to act before you think. Your best days to take decisive action are February 26 -29.

Mercury has two more close encounters which may leave you wondering where you are really going. On the 13th, Mercury joins mystical Neptune; this aspect often comes with rose colored glasses; you want to keep your eyes open and your head on straight. Also, be alert to a storm of opposition on the 23rd; your best strategy is just wait this one out until that blowhard has no wind left to steer you off course.

Cancer – (June 21 – July 21) The February 7th Full Moon may just as well have the word ‘sweetheart’ written in big letters, Cancer. Whether or not its love, what is for sure is that you can find joy in these days of February. Your financial picture looks equally promising, too. A long awaited bonus is yours for the taking.

Your hopes and wishes are where you expand now; help your dreams take flight by writing them into form. February is a month of revision, so take the time and refine your ultimate goals. Avoid jealousy or a rush to judgment on the 15th, because good news arrives on the 16th. Show your love on the 25th when all the love you give returns to you with added interest.

Leo – (July 22 – August 22) This is the month you have been waiting for; the February Full Moon in your sign, Leo. Embrace this season of new beginnings. There is a peculiar quality to the light of the Aquarius sun of February. It is as though a blindfold has been lifted from your eyes, and you now can see the truth of so many situations.

Throughout all of the changes, one person has remained steadfast; you now see the integrity of this true friend, also. Take time out to enjoy your friendships on the 9th, but double check facts on the 10th. What seems enticing on Thursday can turn shallow in a moment’s notice. The 18th is the day to get things done this month, Leo; what you accomplish on this Saturday will remain for many years to come.

Virgo – (August 23 – September 22) You may be busier than ever, but, the more you do, the less is accomplished. Know that this is you month for introspection, and then it all feels fine. If you must take on a practice, make it meditation; this is where your true power can build, one that will move you leaps ahead when the time is right.

Your critical days, this month, are from the 19th – the 23rd. In addition to taking time for yourself, there is much going on behind the scenes that is about relationships. The secret is to meet partners in a sacred space of self.. Taking time on the 19th for counsel with your Higher Self sets the tone for the Pisces New Moon of February 21st. When you are grounded is when you will find that perfect other; the time is near, Virgo.

Libra – (September 23 – October 21) February is your season for creativity, Libra. Make time to envision your most lively dreams, and then take dynamic steps to make them manifest. You have been in the ‘zone’ as of late; know that these are unique and powerful days and that you must make the best use of time; regard it as a precious commodity.

The Full Moon of February 7th delivers happiness through your arena of social connections. It’s time to get out and meet new people because each and every one has a new inspiration for you. New ways of doing old things is also on your cosmic agenda; don’t get frustrated on the 22nd and 23rd when someone points out an oversight. This puts you at an advantage on the 25th, and then, you can have it your way.

Scorpio – (October 22 – November 21) Just when you should be so serious, all you really want to do is play – am I right, Scorpio? The urge to play is a release for the high tension that surrounds you. Sobriety is good, but so is laughter. There are storm clouds lurking behind every high wall, but, you must simply find shelter for now and carry an umbrella.

You are dealing with a case of over extension fueled by a cycle of optimism. Use the planetary influences of Saturday (Saturn’s Day) the 18th and 25th to make up for lost revenues. Good stories are told on the 13th, but the truth is revealed on the 14th. Take heart in knowing that you know exactly what is happening, and that the Universe works these things out. When it’s real, there will be no doubt.

Sagittarius – (November 22– December 20) Peace now finds a home inside your mind and body – it’s been a while, has it not? The stormy season of Uranus has abated, for now, and you can return to enjoying your wanderlust – if only from afar. At least you feel differently now as the edge of incessant longing is replaced by a sound but natural curiosity.

Secret longings remain though, and the Scorpio last quarter moon of February 21st is your time to come to terms with all that remains. Some dreams will be put to a peaceful rest, others linger as a treasure. The 15th brings you to a major turning point; you are in a fine position to do just that – the future is golden and your new rainbow is shining brightly.

Capricorn – (December 21 – January 19) Finances are on your mind, Capricorn, and rightfully so. It’s time to get serious about manifestation; your powers are at an all-time high, and you now face entry into an exciting new era of satisfaction as the Full Moon of February 7th slides open the shimmering gateway to your 8th house of investments and inheritances.

Are you ready to acknowledge that you want and deserve the comforts of a good life? You must meet this energy with enthusiasm and self-assurance. The rules are simple; money is energy, and it’s your time to receive. Avoid unsubstantiated claims on the 10th – you know way more than your so-called advisor. It’s all real by the 18th; enjoy the ride to your success.

Aquarius – (January 20 – February 17) Are you feeling like a celebration, and don’t even know why? This is your time, Aquarius. Neptune officially enters Pisces on February 4th, and I predict that you will immediately feel a lightness and relief. (And, know that Neptune is just as happy to leave Aquarius as you are!) The beneficial result of all this planetary ‘heavy lifting’ is that you are hyper- alert and very strong. Now you can really get on with the business of creating a stellar new world.

The last quarter Scorpio moon of February 14th calls for an important decision to be made; you feel as if a storm is brewing and you must choose, but know that the die has already been cast. By Sunday the 19th you are feeling softer, and all is well in the world. Your lucky day is the 25th; greet this day with your soft heart and be ready to smile.

Pisces – (February 18 – March 19) This is a critical month for you to get your affairs in order, Pisces. The Full Moon of February 7th opens your 6th house of practical matters. Consider yourself a master craftsperson, and the Full Moon grants you access to a magical box of tools.

There will be a test of your determination this time around, Pisces. Saturn is adept at making the job at hand look impossible. Know that delay is costly at this juncture and you cannot afford the luxury of a missed step. The 13th is a grand day for vision questing and inspiration; find time alone to listen to your Higher Guidance. Know that good things are coming your way – you just have to be in the right place, which is exactly where you are right now.

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