Recruiters face several difficulties while identifying the right candidate for a particular job. It is often seen that the recruitment teams know what they want in a candidate but cannot find such a candidate who can fulfil all the requirements.

One of the main reasons for all these problems is that recruiters are not present on the recruitment apps where their candidates are. For most companies, calling on the provided numbers seems to be the only way to get the candidates. Recruiters use the internet to complete their searches but still believe in traditional methods to get in touch with the candidates. This makes the process not only difficult but also quite time-consuming.

One of the best ways to tackle the situation easily is by getting a mobile recruitment app development done for the business; you can also maximise your conversions. Recruitment apps can be considered as a part of the complete “Human Resource Management System.”

So, before we talk about the features that recruiters should never miss in the mobile recruitment app, let’s get some statistics to support recruitment app development requirements.

Requirement for a Mobile Recruitment App

  • In the U.S., at least 68% of the population own a smartphone. Among this 68%, around 41% of the population, have searched for jobs using their smartphones. Of the total people who have searched for jobs or job search apps, at least 23% have uploaded resumes via their phone to search and apply easily.
  • Almost 60% of the job seekers look at the company page on their mobile phones, while only 39% apply for the positions using their mobile phones.
  • Moreover, 59% of people tend to use their mobile phones and mobile recruitment apps at least once a day to look for jobs and new positions in the recruitment industry.
  • At least 47% of smartphone users faced the main challenge: looking for jobs and viewing job-related content on the smartphone.
  • The job recruitment firms seem to have understood the temperament of the job seekers, and at least 39% of the organizations have begun optimizing their job recruitment websites for mobile viewing.

These statistics prove a need for mobile recruitment app development. With mobile recruitment apps, the recruiters can interact with the recruitment firms and organizations to seek smoother, faster, and more efficient hiring processes.

Prominent Features That Recruitment Apps Should Never Miss

  1. Real-Time Updates and Conversations
  2. Job-seekers have several questions regarding the job and these questions need to be addressed. Recruiters will only do this when they have a recruitment app featuring in-app chat and other communication features to stay connected with the job seeker. Job-seekers should be able to get real-time updates on when the interview is scheduled, about the place, the company and other prominent details required to complete the interview.

  3. Video Conferencing Interview
  4. Interview via video call using recruitment apps helps recruiters take the recruitment process to the next level. With this feature in place, Job seekers and recruiters can quickly have interviews. With advancements in technology, hiring has become global, with more employees working remotely. As a result, working remotely can save time and travel costs, learn more about what the other person has to offer, and see if the fit is right for both parties.

  5. Payment Gateways
  6. Integrating multiple payment gateways into your recruitment app is very beneficial for hiring managers. The hiring managers can use different payment methods like e-wallets, net banking, and credit/debit cards to get access to your app’s premium services.

  7. Interview Scheduler
  8. Interview scheduler is an extremely beneficial feature of recruitment apps. Through this, recruiters can schedule the interview with job seekers according to the date and time they are available, all directly via the app. This will help to make a positive response to your app.

    This feature concentrates on the main concept of every job search app, which is to enable job-seekers to find a suitable job according to their knowledge, skills, and experience. Through the recruitment app, the hiring managers are able to schedule interviews between the company and the applicant.

  9. Resume Management
  10. Users should be able to upload a soft copy (PDF, Doc, or JPG) of their resume on the app or even create their resumes directly from the app. In addition, resume management enables users to send the resume to various companies according to their preferences to apply to the most available job openings.

  11. Push notifications
  12. Integrating push notifications in a recruitment app allows recruiters to send a message to candidates at any time. Push notifications notify candidates when a recruiter will contact them and also alert candidates by providing the latest job updates in the market.

  13. Management of Candidate and Recruiter Profiles
  14. Feature of candidate and recruiter profile management is essential to eliminate the chance of a fake job listing. It is very important to manage and verify all the information entered by the user. Jobs are sent to the user according to the preferences and filters selected by them.

  15. Content Management System
  16. Another important feature of the recruitment app is the Content Management System. Admins should be able to easily manage and edit all the content on the recruitment app with the help of a CMS. It helps modify and manage every piece of the content available on the platform, such as job posting descriptions, blog, candidate resume, and many more.


    I hope now you have a clear vision of which prominent features you should never miss in your recruitment mobile app. These features are must as they help the recruiter stay connected with job seekers, access updated resumes, and know where the candidate is currently working.

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