Nowadays, everything is easily available on the internet. Almost everyone tends to shop online so that it becomes easy to have everything by sitting at home. Being the biggest online industry for shopping, it gives the best business to the delivery agents also.

Many online delivery services help deliver the items to the destination. Magento 2 delivery date extension is the best solution for the deliveries. This has many features that are beneficial for the clients. This provides flexibility to select the time according to the convenience of the client.

This extension is very useful for service providers to serve their clients uniquely, keeping their convenience at the center. Using this extension provides flexibility in choosing time slots and dates for when they want their delivery. This also has the option of delivering the items on the same day.

Increase in the e-commerce market is multiplying day by day. In the busy schedules, this extension provides the facility of choosing the time slot of delivery. This extension is based on Magento 2, so this uses the Magento 2 delivery time to set up the timings. Using this method, the delivery system becomes easy for the service provider as well as the clients.
Features of Magento Delivery Date Scheduler

Free to choose the date and time of delivery

This feature helps to choose the date and time for the freely. The client can select a particular date and time whenever they want their product to arrive. Magento 2 delivery time extension to enable deliveries based on time slot which in turn, helps them provide a more robust service.

Customers have the slots of date and time to select. Because of this feature, they can easily plan their day as they are sure about the deliveries. It also allows the business to set the right expectations for delivery time and reduces overall back and forth.

Display scheduler on-page and at checkout

Every client visiting the site may not be aware of the features that this extension provides. To make visitors know about their features, it displays the information about selecting the date and time on the main page and during checkout.

Displaying this feature helps the customers to know about it and use it. This feature is very much useful and the best thing about this extension.

Same day delivery

This extension also gives a feature of delivering the product on the same day. This feature is mainly useful for grocery or emergency products. This extension has an option to select the same day delivery. People can select the time slot for when they want their products. Businesses can set a cut off time for same day deliveries so they are not overburdened.

Custom delivery options

This option is especially for special customers. In this feature, the selected customers get the benefit of customizing their delivery date and time. Sometimes it happens that a delivery is expected, but the client needs to go out urgently. In this case, customers can change the date and time of delivery. The customers can also leave a note or delivery instructions for the delivery person.

Set Intervals

This helps to set the interval between the orders and delivery dates. Setting an interval means to choose the dates the customer will have their product delivery. This helps to exclude the holidays. This feature is mainly useful for the store owners to estimate how many days it will take to deliver the order. This interval gives an idea to the customers about their deliveries.

Track Order

The extension provides the feature of tracking your order. Tracking order helps to be prepared about the arrival of the product. This gives an overview of the confirmation about the order and where it has been in transit.
End Words

Magento 2 delivery date extension helps the service provider to help clients choose their date and time. This uses the Magento 2 delivery time to set the time according to the client's needs. It also helps to set the delivery date according to their convenience.

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