That's right, fear is overrated. It's too common. It's too cliché. How many self-help gurus does it take to tell you fear is what holds us back from achieving massive success? That's right, all of them! Why? Because fear sells. Many people buy into the idea of fear too easily. We're inundated by media, parents, friends, colleagues, and peers all telling us that we're not good enough. That we're not worthy of our efforts. But ultimately who decides to put those ideas into your heads? You do.

Fear is the driving force that stops you from getting to where you'd like to be in life. Get it right, everyone has fears and that's why it's so overrated. What will it take you for you to be the best at what you do? Put fear on the shelf. How? By leaning into what you're afraid of. Read on and we'll discover how to recognize fear as your catalyst to movement for positive change in your life.

Imagine for a second that you have a life goal. A goal, that if completed, would be your badge of courage. You've made the decision to go skydiving. You enter the room where you see parachutes and people prepping the bag you'll use to jump out of the plane. You see bright big signs everywhere stating, "Skydiving is a very dangerous sport, you can die! We do not have insurance!" The man behind the counter says, "Here you go..." and presents you with a waiver disclaiming that you will not hold the company liable for your death. How do you feel? Scared? Afraid? Fearful? Do you sign?

When faced with fear of this magnitude are you still willing to jump? Or are you willing to face that fear in pursuit of making your dream come true? Fear is overrated. It's cliché. Everyone feels fear. So to rid yourself of this fear you need to first realize that everyone gets scared. Everyone has dreams to accomplish and most of these people are afraid. Now will you be the one that's overrated? Will you be the one that is cliché by succumbing to that fear? Or will you stand out in the crowd of the fearful and say, "I'm jumping!"

You may be asking, "How do I jump if I'm so afraid?" Try this:
Close your eyes and imagine yourself 15 minutes after successfully landing on the ground (completing the thing you were afraid of). Really imagine it. What are people saying? What are you saying? How do you feel? Really associate those feelings of success inside you now. Feel better? Now jump and enjoy the process!

Author's Bio: 

Ronald Arceo is a student of the International Coaching Academy. His undying commitment is coupled with the vision of helping others find their true passions in life. As a life coach and former magician, he is currently developing a leadership through passion program entitled, Your Epiphany. He blends the idea of mystery and curiosity with magic to provide an amazing, memorable, and life changing workshop to any of those that attend.