Overcome flying phobia (aviophobia), fear of turbulence, panic attacks, anxiety, or ‘what if?’ worries.

Travel and explore the world with friends and family safely, relaxed and comfortable.

Coaching, fear of flying tips, and hypnosis and NLP makes the fear disappear.

Hypnosis and NLP Techniques To Overcome The Fear Of Flying

Fears Explained

How To Help Someone Get Over The Fear Of Flying

Hypnosis and NLP Techniques To Overcome The Fear Of Flying

There are many hypnosis and NLP techniques to help you overcome the fear of flying forever such as the exposure technique, systematic desensitization, the NLP fast phobia cure, double disassociation and visualization. All these techniques aim to break the phobia pattern and reprogram a new pattern in your head. Some doctors even prescribe medication to help you with the fear.

First and foremost, both in my experience with myself and my clients, the strongest way to help someone is for them to realize the truth. The truth interrupts any false beliefs and phobias as you realize what is true.

We then use hypnosis and NLP techniques if needed.

Most people are afraid of flying because they’ve associated flying with a fear. Let’s look at some common fears as well as the truth.

Fears Explained

Fear Of Turbulence: Fear that the wind will overpower the plane and throw the plane around in the air.fear-of-flying-phobia-toronto

Truth: Turbulence is different bodies of air mixing with each other. It’s like water in a stream which is bouncing around solid rocks. The wings are specially designed to be flexible and move around easily. They are also designed extra strong in order to deal with far more wind then they’re ever experience.

Fear Of Engine Failure: Fear that the engines will fail and the plane will crash.

Truth: The engines rarely experience any issues. If there’s a minor issues, it’s usually when the plane is on the ground. In rare cases, if a set of engines fail, planes always have at least another backup set.

Even if all the engines don’t work, the plane will glide in the air for over 100 kilometers without any power. In fact, most planes turn off their engines when landing, so you’ve already experienced this truth.

Emergency Situations: The fear that you’re stuck in an emergency situation.

Truth: All the workers on the plane are highly trained to deal with many different emergencies. My friend told me that she studied more to become a flight attendant than she did for all her years in University.

How To Help Someone Get Over The Fear Of Flying

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