It is not uncommon to come across people swearing by the power of deceitful intentions. The power of goodness in this world has been sadly understated and misconstrued. In a world inhabited by people of varying temperaments and intentions, it is easy to get falsely opinionated by just any random observation. Even the most optimistic individuals end up feeling discouraged and pathetic on encountering any incidents of deceitful occurring.

Why is it easy to lose faith in goodness?
How is it that even the sensible and worldly-wise individuals succumb to the influence of negativity and lose confidence in the power of goodness? If you want to know the reason, just read along:
1. Failure to discern between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’- People generally have different views and ideas about the right and wrong. Rarely do we realize that desires of the heart often lead us out of the sombre kingdom of deceit. Explorations by the brain is what ends up confusing and antagonizing the soul. Whenever facing the dilemma regarding the right and wrong, trust your heart and allow it to take decisions for you. The heart shall never lead you to the path of deceit.

2. Lack of patience- Patience and perseverance are those jewels that can illuminate your path and accompany you during moments of darkness. Lack of patience pushes you towards uncertainty and panic. This later emerges out to be a major reason behind distrust and deceit. As impulsive individuals, it simply takes a few seconds for anyone to form opinions.

3. Preconceived notions- No matter how strong you are, the feeble and bleak hope of goodness that remains after you conquer every other notion flickers in the dark alley surrounded by preconceived notions. It pays to immunize your souls to these statements and work your way out through your own set of rules. Once you start governing your life on the basis of someone else’s notions and ideologies, you can actually lose track of reality and fail to act according to the situation.

Goodness is the path taken only by the valiant, as trust is a virtue that only grows alongside bravery. Those who fear the future may never truly be able to trust completely. Trust, after all, is what it takes to stick to goodness.

If you still have inhibitions and feel the other way around, how about voicing your own opinions and telling me how you feel? Before you do that, here’s a little piece of my mind for the troubled soul:

Words form poetry while they dance with emotions,
They bring out the truth separating preconceived notions,
They could temporarily act as curtains to deceit and hatred,
But the power of honesty leaves these curtains perforated.
Words can’t completely cover the untruths fabricated by affectations,
The power of goodness and truth unveil all false revelations!

It is time to truly believe and place your trust in the power of goodness. Start with inculcating just one virtue at a time, and you will soon observe how the garden of your life blooms with fragrant flowers of virtues. Don’t forget to weed the deceitful weeds though!

Author's Bio: 

Priyanka Iyer strongly believes in the power of positive thinking and truth. She loves making words sway to the gentle realm of reality by composing poems and putting across her feelings and emotions. She loves learning new languages and has a voracious appetite for good books.