It could be said that while some people in the world are controlled by fear, there are others who aren’t. Consequently, these people are likely to live lives that are radically different.

Therefore, although these people will live on the same planet, it will be as though they live on two different planets. And it is easy to see which group of people will have a more enjoyable time on this planet.


When it comes to someone who doesn’t allow fear to control their life, they are generally going to listen to their needs and feelings. So, if they feel the urge to do something, it might only be a matter of time before they take the next step.

This will also allow them to speak their mind, and to share their views and ideas with others. What is within them is then going to flow out into the world, allowing them to feel alive and connected to life.

Big and Small

Thus, no matter whether it relates to taking a small step or taking a big step, they are not going to allow fear to hold them back. Through being this way, one may look back on their life and see that they have had a lot of different experiences.

Experiences where they will have tried all kinds of different things, and they may even have travelled all over the world. As a result of this, even if they haven’t got a number of different qualifications, they will still have plenty of experiences that will have taught them a lot.

An Interesting Person

It might not be uncommon for people to be drawn in by them and to be amazed by what they have experienced. Also, people could be inspired by how they live their life, seeing them as a role model.

The fact that one embraces life and sees it as an opportunity for them to express who they are and to experience different things is going to serve them well. In their eyes, life won’t be seen as something to hide from or to fear, that’s for sure.


If someone like this was to come across someone who experiences life differently, they might find it hard to comprehend why they live in this way. One thing that they could think about is that life is too short to live in this way.

They could end up telling this person that they are missing out on so many good things by not embracing life. Upon hearing this, the other person might agree with them or they could end up feeling invalidated.

At The Root

When someone is able to embrace life and isn’t paralysed by fear, it is likely to show that they have a lot of trust in life and in themselves. This will be what allows them to take action and gives them the belief that they will be able to handle whatever happens.

And what can’t be overlooked, is that it is unlikely that they will be carrying a lot of trauma. If they were, it wouldn’t be possible for them to operate as a whole human being.

Another Reality

If someone’s life is controlled by fear, it can be as though they live in a prison without walls. To the outside observer it can seem as though they are free to live their life however they want, but this won’t match up with ones experience.

They won’t feel safe enough to express themselves freely, and this will cause them to ignore a lot of their needs. One is then going to stay small, stopping them from being able to grow and expand.

One Big Challenge

It will be a challenge for them to take small steps, let alone big steps. If they were to look back on their life, they might wonder where all the time has gone, due to not having experienced much.

Their priority will be to make sure that nothing bad happens to them, not to express themselves and to embrace all that life has to offer. It won’t matter if where they live is one of the safest places on the planet, as it will be seen as being unsafe.

Its Missing

Unlike the person above who has a certain level of trust in life and in themselves, this person is unlikely to posses either of these two things. Without these two components in place, it is going to be perfectly normal for them to experience a lot of fear.

It will be as if they are not part of or connected to something bigger than themselves, causing them to believe that they are all alone on this planet and that nothing has their back. They could also be carrying a lot of trauma, which will have set them to be stuck in fear mode.

Way Back

What this can show is that their early years were a time when they learnt that it wasn’t safe for them to let go and to trust. Perhaps this was a time in their life when they experienced some kind of abuse and/or neglect.

Closing up and retracting from life would then have been a matter of survival, not something that they consciously chose to do. Due to how unstable and unpredictable their early environment was, it would have stopped them from being able to develop a sense of trust in the world and in themselves, something that would stop them from experiencing too much fear.


Add to this all of the trauma that they would have experienced during this time, and is not going to be much of a surprise for someone like this to experience life in this way. If someone can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for the support of a therapist or a healer, for instance.

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