Just as there are some people who experience fear from time to time, there are also some people who experience it on a regular basis. Due to this, their experience on this earth is likely to be radically different.

One way of looking at this would be to say that when it comes to the former, someone will be functioning in the right way. Experiencing life in this way is undoubtedly going to be far better for their health.

A Sense of Control

Being this way may give one a sense of being in control themselves, with them having the ability to respond to life as opposed to react to it. Thus, if they do experience fear, it will typically be a sign that their life could be under threat.

For example, one could be driving and another car could suddenly pull out in front of them, or they could be walking down a dark ally and hear someone running. In these cases, it will be perfectly normal for them to experience fear.

Moving On

If, however, they didn’t experience anything when something like this happened, it could show that something is wrong with them. Yet, a little after while something like this has occurred, they will soon settle down again.

One is then not going to stay stuck in this state of being; they will move away from it and go back to how they were before this incident took place. There will then be a clear difference when it comes to how they feel during a time like this and how they usually feel.

A Whole Human Being

This would have been a time when part of their brain took over, stopping other parts of their brain from being able to function properly. Now that a few moments have past, the rest of their brain will be able to come back online.

One will be able to settle back down in their body, being aware of their thoughts, feelings and sensations. This would have most likely been a time when they were breathing from their chest but now they will be breathing from their stomach.

Back In

A moment like this is then not going to have much of an impact on their life. What someone like this may also find is that they don’t get drawn into all the dramas that the mainstream media talks about.

Getting worked up and being loaded with adrenalin all the time is not going to appeal to them. What will feel comfortable is feeling at peace, which will have a positive effect on their wellbeing and allow them to embrace life.

A Different Reality

So, when it comes to the latter, and one experiences fear on a regular basis, it could be said that they won’t be functioning in the right way. One is not just going to experience fear during the moments when their life could be under threat, they will experience it even when it isn’t.

Through experiencing life in this way, one is rarely, if ever, going to feel as though they have control over their life. It can generally seem as though they are just moments away from being completely annihilated.


Both their thinking and emotional brain is likely to spend a lot of time being out of use, with them spending a lot of time being stuck in their survival brain. Breathing from their chest can then be the norm.

And while all this is going on within them, there could be very little taking place without. In other words, one could be in a very peaceful environment, away from harm, only to be acting as though their life is under threat.

Another Part

Along with this, one could end up seeking out things that will reinforce what is taking place within them. For example, they may find that they are drawn to violent newscasts, horror films and people who are dangerous.

Therefore, while part of them is not going to want to experience life in this way and will be in a place of resistance, another part of them will do what it can to make sure that it continues. On one level, then, one will want their life to change, but at a deeper level, this will be what feels comfortable.

A Bizarre Scenario

This can sound totally unbelievable; after all, why would someone crave something that is so destructive? What this comes down to is that the ego mind can end up feeling comfortable with anything.

It doesn’t matter whether something is healthy or safe; what matters is if it is familiar, as what is familiar is what is classed as what is safe. Once this is understood, it will be a lot easier to understand why someone would live in a way that is life-denying.

A Strong Attachment

Perhaps there was a time in one’s life when they lived in an environment that wasn’t safe, yet they might not have been able to do anything about it. For arguments sake, let’s say that this was during their childhood years.

Through spending day after day, year after year experiencing fear, this would have gradually become what was familiar and therefore, what felt safe. So, even though it wouldn’t have done them any good, it would have become a big part of who they were.


At a deeper level, no longer experiencing fear is going to be seen as a threat to their survival. But if they have experienced life in this way for so long and it has become part of their identity (how they see themselves), it is not going to be a surprise for them to wonder who they would be if they were to no longer experience so much fear.

Taking all this into account, there will be the need for them to resolve the trauma that is within them, and they will need to gradually let go of the identity that they have formed around it. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer, for instance.

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