Manual faxing, while still useful, is outdated. By switching to fax software for Windows, your company saves substantial costs, while maintaining a professional image and improving customer service.

Compared to manual faxing, a fax program installed on your Windows system has more than a dozen benefits. If you are still sending and receiving faxes manually, here are some of the reasons why you should switch to a fax software for Windows:

1) Save time: The best thing about a fax program is that it allows you to send faxes at the click of a button. With the manual fax, you must print each fax, take it to a fax machine, wait your turn if you are using a common fax machine in the office, and try to send the fax again if the number is busy.

2) Organize fax numbers: Unlike searching for a particular fax number every time you need to send something, you can save and store fax numbers in a single phonebook. This way, you can search for a number in the phonebook if you need to send a fax.

3) Send professional-looking faxes: Compared to manual faxing that requires you to design and print your own covers, using a fax software for Windows makes your faxes look more readable and professional as they are sent from your PC using made templates and high resolution techniques.

4) Track fax activity: If you lost an important fax, you can check the archived faxes and search for them on your computer. Plus, if you're trying to save money, you can also track outgoing faxes and complete your call accounting without the need to go through a stack of paper and phone bills.

5) Set up administrator functions: If you are in an office and the incoming faxes are private, you can configure the fax software for Windows and make sure that you are the only one with permission to view the faxes.

Of course, the benefits like sending faxes as simple as sending an email, sending faxes to multiple recipients, and automatically retrying fax numbers when busy are very helpful in saving time.

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