I think the concept of Faticide is worth expanding upon. In fact, I believe, it should become part of our lexicon. Faticide is a word I made up. It means the willful killing of self and/or another human being by consuming, enabling and condoning excess Fat. There can be premeditated, first degree Faticide. There can be involuntary Fat slaughter. You get the point.

I think it is criminal for a society to idly ignore the health of its citizenry. I think it is criminal for the government, health care industry and medical profession to control obesity as a medical problem then ignore its responsibility in leading the fight to cure obesity. I think it is criminal for the school system to ignore Fat kids. I think it is criminal for the insurance industry to ignore its own statistics and not help the Fat address their problems. The list goes on. The institutions mentioned here are obvious and easy to pick on. The real list includes all who come in contact with Fat people, adults and kids, who enable or avoid their problems!

Faticide, premeditated or unintentional, is something that can no longer be ignored.

I am not looking to blame others, even though I did, so that I can feel self righteous in my blame. I am 62 years old and I, too, have idly watched the Fattening of America and its kids.

I am writing in this provocative, hopefully humorous way to get your attention and to finally publicly do my part to suggest ways of ending this preventable tragedy from killing both our vulnerable and our economy.

People, much wiser that I, have studied the benefits and detriments of nutritious and non-nutritious foods and liquids. They have studied hormones, metabolism, exercise, and stress relief. Smart, truthful information is readily available, “BuT” often ignored. We prioritize all sorts of things to occupy our attentions elsewhere as we take wellness for granted responding only to after the fact predictable illness when it gets too painful or too costly to ignore.

I wrote a book, “Get Your Head Out Of Your “But”!
Eliminate Excuses! Develop A Positive Life Plan! Then Live “It” Your Way! Show cover. I am now expanding the concept to declare the importance of Getting Our Head Out Of Your “ Fat BuT” and Eliminating Faticide!

Until now, Fat was a problem, we essentially ignored. We gave tacit approval to addressing it as a problem “BuT” never really went to War about Fat.

I suggest that this is a domestic war to be fought on local soil. It requires a trained army of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, citizenry, young and old, grandparents, teachers, anyone who comes in contact with food and armed with information about what is healthy and what is not to support others as we volunteer for wellness.. It should be ok to talk about healthy eating and to draw attention to all the unhealthy, Faticide, “BuT’ tasty, garbage that is served. Let the preparers of that unhealthy crap eat it if they choose to. We choose not to and advise others not to either.

We have laws that assure that bartenders can no longer serve the buzzed and the drunk. We have campaigns that say friends don’t let friends drive drunk. We, however, have no campaigns that teach each other to eat well.

I don’t want Twinkie Police or Soda taxes. People will do what they are going to do. We saw what Prohibition accomplished. I want Wellness Awareness sold by Madison Avenue the way they sell Fat!

I think it is time to mount a nationwide Wellness Campaign to feed ourselves, each other and the world with healthful foods. I CHOOSE HEALTHY!

We can make American food the safest, cleanest, most nutritious and available food in the world and sell it cheap to any in need, all over the world. We have the ability, just not the willingness.

NoMoreFat doesn’t have to be a fictitious pill. It can become a slogan for wellness.

We Want Wellness! NoMoreFat! We Want Wellness! NoMoreFat!

Serve Wellness and they will come. Don’t and you will enable Faticide and then blame the victims!

Author's Bio: 

Hi, I am Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.
affectionately known as
Dr. I WannaWanna.
I am a Personal Development and Wellness Coach for successful people; i.e. people, like you, who can DO what you intend to DO when you know What to DO and How and have the support necessary to Succeed.
I began my professional career in 1971 working with addicts on the streets of New York City. I was quickly known as the 90 Day Wonder. It was a term of derision. They mocked me, knowing full well that I had no right to pretend that I knew the "Truths" of their lives or their circumstances. Thankfully I was smart enough to agree with them. They were right. I didn't know their truths or their circumstances and what I learned in college didn't teach me this either.

I, however, knew that they KNEW and if I could show them the honor and respect that they were worthy of, once they trusted me, I might be able to help them.
I respected, they trusted, they got help and I made a career decision to respect the fundamental differences in people, and with their permission to help them with our fundamental similarities.

I have been doing this work ever since. You see I learned "It" is about Helping YOU and them with Your "It", Your Fat, Your Life with permission and respect.

I have over 50,000 hours of "in chair" experience helping people like YOU SUCCEED!

I have lived a life that includes highlights and failure, burnout and recovery. I have been there and done that. My task is to help if I can and to refer elsewhere as appropriate.

My goal is to help you Lose Fat and to build A Fat Fight Plan, a Life Plan that you can self monitor effectively and proudly for the rest of your life.