As I continue to write, I continue to read from the wisdom of others. I especially like well researched scholarly works that gather and present facts that substantiate truths and beliefs as we struggle to find ways to justify decisions we make about life and health and wellness. And so I read another well written, well researched article in the LA Times, this one, by Devon Schuyler, March, 22, 2010: “Obesity’s role in cancer. It may not cause the disease, but studies show a link between fat and certain types.” I hope you read it too. I am neither a cancer doctor nor a reporter. Although, I like the facts, they reinforce my beliefs. I pay most attention to a picture bigger than isolated facts; i.e. that Excess Fat is related to and the cause of many obvious and provable health problems and is suspected to be the cause of many more. I don’t need more undisputable facts to prove to me that Excess Fat is a health hazard. I don’t need a specific illness that I am most afraid of to finally be linked to Excess Fat to persuade me to Get “It”! I Get “It”! Cancer Kills; Excess Fat Is Unhealthy! Doing something positive and permanent about “It”, in this case, Excess Fat and for the rest of our lives is my main point of interest and expertise. We need research and researchers, from scientists who discover the facts to reporters, the disseminators of information, to continue to gather and broadcast the facts. We need our decisions to be smart and truth based. I believe there is no doubt there are links between obesity, Fat and illness. I believe there is no doubt there is a greater need for wellness in our society. Unfortunately wellness is assumed rather than earned. Wellness requires a proactive plan and lifelong commitment. In the short run, we pretend it is unnecessary. In the long run, it is our most viable solution. We make the assumption that illness is treatable and necessary. We fail to connect the dots between wellness and illness. We know it but we don’t DO much about it. We fail to take the absolute and necessary steps to assure wellness as our best, cheapest and greatest hedge against illness. We wait for illness by avoiding wellness, leaving the responsibility for our health and our health care to others and then complain about all it costs as we urgently try to clean up our negligence. The information about Wellness is out there. Most of it is free, if only we look. Wellness is cheaper than illness but yet we focus on illness not wellness. Wellness is “airy fairy”, rather than our most obvious solution. To your life, to your wellness, you are worth it!

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Hi, I am Gary S. Grossman Ph.D. affectionately known as Dr. I WannaWanna. I am a Personal Development and Wellness Coach for successful people; i.e. people, like you, who can DO what you intend to DO when you know What to DO and How and have the support necessary to Succeed. I began my professional career in 1971 working with addicts on the streets of New York City. I was quickly known as the 90 Day Wonder. It was a term of derision. They mocked me, knowing full well that I had no right to pretend that I knew the "Truths" of their lives or their circumstances. Thankfully I was smart enough to agree with them. They were right. I didn't know their truths or their circumstances and what I learned in college didn't teach me this either. I, however, knew that they KNEW and if I could show them the honor and respect that they were worthy of, once they trusted me, I might be able to help them. I respected, they trusted, they got help and I made a career decision to respect the fundamental differences in people, and with their permission to help them with our fundamental similarities. I have been doing this work ever since. You see I learned "It" is about Helping YOU and them with Your "It", Your Fat, Your Life with permission and respect. I have over 50,000 hours of "in chair" experience helping people like YOU SUCCEED! I have lived a life that includes highlights and failure, burnout and recovery. I have been there and done that. My task is to help if I can and to refer elsewhere as appropriate. My goal is to help you Lose Fat and to build A Fat Fight Plan, a Life Plan that you can self monitor effectively and proudly for the rest of your life.