Tasty fat burning cherry recipe low calorie low fat weight loss dessert and over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.Summertime is a great time to enjoy the benefits of the sweet cherries that are sold at roadside stands. Cherries not only contain plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals but, are also considered a fat burning food because they help give increase your energy and metabolism.

Including cherries as part of your summer weight loss plan can give you some taste tempting treats that are low in calories and help you to lose weight. Here are a couple of great summer recipes using cherries to help increase your weight loss.

Berry Cherry Fruit Salad low calorie low fat

Fat Burning Cherry Recipe:

This simple recipe simply combines a variety of fruits including cherries mixed in low fat yogurt and refrigerated. This makes a great low calorie snack, dessert, or accompaniment to a meal.


Use only fresh berries for this recipe

・ 2 cups pitted dark cherries

・ 1 cup blueberries

・ 1 cup blackberries

・ 1 cup raspberries

・ 1 cup sliced strawberries

・ 1-8 ounce carton of vanilla yogurt

・ 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract

Fat Burning Cherry Recipe:

Completely clean all berries. In a large bowl gently mix cherries and berries together. Into another large bowl place yogurt and mix in the almond extract then gently fold berries into the yogurt, cover with plastic wrap and chill for several hours.

Serve in small dessert cups or fluted glasses.

This salad is loaded with vitamins, minerals and plenty of antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to your health and will give you all the healthy benefits of these fruits in a low calorie dish. For special occasions, you can serve this salad over a thin slice of sponge cake as topping Or mix in some fat free french vanilla pudding (without adding the milk) pour into a sugar free graham cracker crust for a cool and summer pudding pie.

Try adding a few cherries to chicken salad or tossed greens for an exciting change of pace to these dishes. These fruits are so versatile you can enjoy them for just about any meal of the day, or use them to make a low calorie dessert or to flavor meats.

Cherries also are great when used in smoothies or if you have bing cherries you can make a low calorie bing cherry sauce to serve over grilled chicken, pork or beef. There are a number of cherry recipes that you can find that give you all the fat burning advantages of these little sweet fruits or you can simply enjoy a few as a snack.

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