• Never starve to lose weight
Never cut of your meals to get rid of the excess weight in your body. This will cause severe health hazards. During starvation your body will decrease the metabolic rate. This will increase the time taken to burn the calorie you have taken. And as soon as you start taking the food your body will store a large amount of food in the fat cells for the next starvation period. This is not going to benefit you in any case.

• Replace food items
Instead of starving you can use substitute for food items. Instead of fatty food items you can use fruits and vegetables. Include of more of low calorie food items in your diet instead of high calorie ones.

• Drink water
Water is very good for suppressing your hunger. But there are certain kinds of drinks like soda and whole milk that increase the calorie content in your body. Drink warm water for health. You can also drink skimmed milk to reduce the intake of fat content.

Exercise every day

Exercise is the most widely used method for reducing your weight. You need to exercise regularly. You can choose the time for the exercise according to your convenience. Even after cutting of the fatty food items from your diet you might look fatty, if you don’t practice the habit of exercising regularly. When ever possible try to walk rather than using vehicles. You can also use stairs instead of lifts. These all are certain simple exercises that you can perform everyday.

• Avoid over eating
If your appetite is full, stop eating. No need of eating until you feel to stop. Over eating raises a strong chance of obesity. Eat slowly and chew your food properly fort proper and easy metabolic activities.

Follow the above tips and techniques to reduce your weight effectively and safely.

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