Carpet cleaning is more than just about the appearance of the fabric. It is focused on the removal of dirt, stains, and any accumulated allergens. There are several methods used in cleaning the carpets and area rugs. Some homeowners prefer a fast carpet cleaning method so that their floors will not be bare for so long.

Two of the main methods of cleaning carpets would be the dry and wet method. The wet method generally uses water and a solution to clean the carpet. Since carpets are made of very thick fabric and heavy fibers, the drying process for the wet method takes a long time.

People who prefer fast carpet cleaning would surely benefit from dry cleaning. Dry cleaning can also be referred to as chemical dry cleaning or chem-dry since it mostly utilizes chemicals to clean the carpets. There can be a little bit of moisture involved in dry cleaning but it is nothing compared to the amount of liquid that wet cleaning method provides.

The Evolution of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has been present since ancient times. There were records found in the ruins of Pompeii showing several methods of cleaning items. Clothes during those times were mostly made from wool. When wool comes into contact with water, it will shrink. Dry cleaning would be needed to clean the wool. During the ancient times, they had professional clothes cleaners that are called fullers. The fullers would use solvents like lye, fuller’s earth which is a type of clay, and ammonia which was produced from urine. The solvents were excellent in absorbing grease stains, sweat, and dirt.

The father of modern-day cleaning is a French man named Jean Baptiste Jolly. The account claims that Jolly’s maid accidentally spilled kerosene onto a greasy tablecloth. The kerosene quickly evaporated and the spot on the table was already clean.

What lends reliability to this account is that many people have performed experiments on the types of solvents that can remove grease stains. The substances experimented were kerosene, turpentine, gasoline, camphor oil, and petroleum-based solvents. In 1825, Jolly opened the first-ever commercial dry-cleaning shop. Vats filled with turpentine were filled with clothes. The clothes will be placed on a unit that resembles the modern washing machines. Afterward, it will be air dried where the turpentine will evaporate. In 1821, American inventor Thomas Jennings filed the patent for the commercial cleaning process called dry scouring.

The main issue with solvents that are based on petroleum was the flammability component. This concern led a dry cleaner from Atlanta named William Joseph Stoddard to develop the Stoddard solvent. His solvent is less flammable compared to gasoline solvents. After the first world war, dry cleaners started utilizing chlorinated solvents which have an improved cleaning capacity and are safer than their predecessors.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is less abrasive than wet methods. It is also a fast carpet cleaning method. Dry cleaning is also the most effective method of removing stains and odors. If the carpet has spillage or if the pets urinated on it, there can be a foul odor coming from it. Dry cleaning’s delicate but effective solvents would be great to completely get rid of the odors.

Dry cleaning is also great for items that need delicate cleaning. This method protects clothing. It avoids the possible wear and tears that carpets might have if it comes into contact with water. Dry cleaning is also beneficial for the preservation of the carpet's natural color and design. It can prolong the vibrancy of the colors while ensuring that all stains, dirt, and odors were already removed.

Why do carpets need to be cleaned?

Dirty carpeting can prevent airflow into the home. As the carpet accumulates and gets clogged by debris, dust particles, and airflow. Any movement of its fibers would cause the dust particles to float. Instead of breathing fresh air, the family would be breathing dust particles. This could compromise the family’s health as well.

Homeowners who prefer fast carpet cleaning services would benefit from a dry cleaning service. Some carpet cleaning services can provide a one-hour or same-day service, depending on the carpet’s size. All methods of carpet cleaning are beneficial to every carpet need. The difference will rely on the carpet’s components and what type of cleaning suits the client’s needs.

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