“Within each new challenge there are always hidden gifts, for these
are the times that strengthen our resolve and allow us to build new
- Flavia Weedn

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If the economy has attacked your pocketbook and made you think twice
before plopping down your credit card, then you are not alone. Now is
the perfect time to stop and think about the way you buy clothing,
shoes, accessories, food, luxuries and everything else.

Before you go shopping for clothes again, take a look at what you
already have in your closet. Whenever a new season is underway,
instead of heading for the mall and making an impulse purchase for a
new outfit you will only wear once, do something different.

Take everything out of your closet, try them on and see what items may
work together in a different way. Be creative. Get rid of garments
that no longer look well on you. Donate any items you have outgrown,
or cannot be coordinated with anything else. What colors are more
prominent then others? Can your bold or bright colors work with your
neutrals, browns, blacks, grays?

You can work with neutral colors by giving them a modern look by
pairing them with textured fabrics or fabrics with lots of detailing
in their design. Wear a bold print scarf with a navy blue suit. Try
wearing a colorful or metallic print tank top with a brown, or black
skirt, or pants. Adding one hot neon colored accessory, like a bright
pink necklace to a plain black dress makes your neckline come to life.

Show your bold side by wearing a classic jewelry piece that glitters
and shines in gold tones, or use sterling silver accessories with your plain
dress or pant suit. Some jewelry pieces can be layered, like an armful of
shiny bangles or bracelets, to create your own different fashionable style.
However, keep in mind, the clinking noises may not work in many
professional office settings, and may be best saved for after work

Sometimes the latest handbag can update your look. Handbags come in
all styles, sizes, colors, and textures. Choose one that goes with
several outfits, or one that can be used for your dressy events as
well as casual everyday wear. A bold red bag makes a black dress stand
out in an attention getting way.

A new belt and a new pair of shoes can make an outfit look different
and up-to-date. Pull out your classic black or navy blazer and wear it
over a sleeveless pink or yellow dress. If you own a suede or leather
jacket, either one goes nicely with jeans and skirts. It is even
better if your jacket coordinates with other outfits already in your

Thinking twice about the way you buy clothing and other essential items will give you a sense of empowerment. Taking a look at what you already have in your closet, and seeing what pieces may work together in a different way will give you control of how you need to spend your hard earned money. So, what can you do to be more creative? Start now.

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