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As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear to all of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year parties on your calendar. Here are some small things you can add to your outfits to make sure you always stand out.

Bohemian Rings

Festival fashion has been on the mainstream radar for a long time, and many people probably feel like that look wouldn't work for them. While the clothes can be hard to pull off when you're not at an outdoor concert, the jewelry can be added to virtually any outfit. Festival-friendly rings in particular are fun to pop on your fingers. These rings are chunky with large stones or carved patterns on them. They look antique and well-worn even when they're brand new. Pick some rings with bright gemstones in them to pep up an all-black outfit.

Animal Headbands

These pop up every holiday season, with good reason. They're popular among social media users because they look so adorable in pictures. Even Taylor Swift has worn one in a music video. Women of all ages wear them to parties when they're feeling whimsical. It's like finding a somewhat different way to wear jewelry. They look especially thematic with animal prints. Find an extra-sparkly headband to dress up a casual outfit.

Gel Nail Kits

Gel nail polish resists chipping for far longer than normal nail polish does. Some companies, like Gel-Nails, know that because it has to be treated under special lights, you usually have to go to a salon to get this type of manicure. Fortunately, many affordable brands have released nail polishes that can give you a gel-like finish at home. Chip-resistant nails are crucial during the holiday season, when you'll be too busy to sit down and redo your manicure.


Choker necklaces are the latest '90s throwbacks to enter the fashion landscape. Chokers always look elegant. Victorian-inspired velvet pieces with cameo charms look great with fancy party dresses. Stretchy plastic tattoo chokers complement jeans and tank tops. You can even loop a ribbon in your favorite color and texture around your neck for a personalized choker. Make it extra romantic by attaching beads to the ends and letting them trail down your back. Tie your hair up in a loose bun to show off your unique yet on-trend style. Metal chokers accessorize casual outfits without being conventionally pretty. You don't have to consider the neckline of your dress or shirt when wearing a choker; your necklace will always be visible regardless of what you wear. Try one or all of these tips for outfits that look extra festive.

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