Fashion is a very common and renowned term among people. It’s a practice of dressing and adorning oneself in a particular trend or style. These trends kept on changing from the very earliest times and is an ongoing process. It comprises styles related to clothing, jewellery, accessories, footwear, makeup and many more such stuffs.

This ever changing trends of fashion makes a particular style stand popular for about a year or two and then is substituted by yet another one. As human nature itself inherits changes, so it’s easy for them to adapt it on the go. There are people called trend setters who generally bring newest styles in the market and trend followers, who follows. Celebrities are popular for sparking trends. We come to know about the latest style from the newly released movies, television shows and print media. Still, fashion is not only defined by the look of the clothes one year, but is also conveyed through the manner it’s carried off.

It’s quite a task to catch up with the constantly changing forms of fashion. By the time someone manages to buy a baggy jeans and a fitting shirt, it’s seen that they have already gone out of fashion. Many old retro styles are again popping up with a hint of freshness. Clothes like old Salwar-Kurta, sari, high waist pant, and polka printed shirt, bell-bottom have emerged over again. Fashion is never uniform. Even footwear, hairstyles keeps on changing with time. People of almost all ages, especially the youth and ones who are mostly residing in the metros often gets crazy about new fashion trends. In no time they grab the latest style out in the market or as seen trending by a celebrity.

Protective clothing has also revamped a lot in terms of design and workability. Different designers and companies have presented exciting creativity in making clothes as a solution or protection against environmental hazards. Armour, diving and swimming suit, air conditioned clothing, space suit, biker’s leather jacket, beach cover-up and many such pieces are examples of protective clothing.

People use different arrangements of fashion to make themselves presentable to public eyes. For eras, individuals and groups have used clothes and other ornamentations show off their social position, rank, gender, sexual accessibility, class and affluence. The clothing behaviour display's appearance of what one wants the world to perceive visually.

The global fashion industry is growing immensely on a whole. This industry is not only emerging for trading and retailing, but in different fields like fashion studies, professional styling and designing, fashion photography, tailoring, etc. Students are pursuing careers in these arenas and is quite popular among many. Different cities across the globe have developed as fashion hubs like Paris, London, Milan, New York, Berlin, Sydney. These hubs influences the international fashion trends and contributes to the production and retailing of fashion products in large quantity.

So fashion can be identified broadly as a universal language and the way you choose to define it depends on your individual freedom of expression.

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