The pandemic has restricted mobility as never before and has led the travel sector to its worst crisis.

There is a desire to go out again, but the virus leaves its mark on the way people consume vacations.

The online agency Faremart Travels has just published forecasts and trends in the world of travel for 2021.

Faremart confirms that some of the habits have begun to be observed in 2020 and that they have come to stay for 2021.

People do not want to stop traveling, and they will do so with the necessary security measures, with renewed methods and times, but always wanting to discover new places, even close to home.

The harsh months of confinement and perimeter closures have sparked interest in getting to know the closest things, discovering that there is much to enjoy close to home.

This trend is one of those that will continue strongly in 2021. The traveler will seek to continue exploring nearby destinations.

Seeing that teleworking has proven effective for companies and workers, this type of trip will grow throughout 2021.

And although the destination is essential, it will charge even more interest than travel with whom to do it.

The pandemic has printed character in giving more importance to fellow travelers than to the place. Hence, group vacations only for adults or with the 'chosen family' will be a trend. Multi-generational family travel will also be in vogue, and people will make up for the lost time.

Also, in 2021 many plans and celebrations will take place postponed in 2020. The report highlights weddings and bachelor parties.

"It seems that next season will not only allow such plans to be resumed, but will also be used to complete the experience, either by increasing its duration or by organizing more activities within the destination."

The lost confidence will gradually recover, but after an exercise with rules that changed the way of life from one day to the next, the traveler will make their reservations at the last minute.

Since the end of the lockdown, a very marked trend that, fueled by uncertainty, will continue throughout 2021.

Also, the tourist will stop considering their outings as a race against time. The study warns that the traveler will spend more time discovering a destination, visiting fewer places on the same trip, but enjoying more experiences, culture, and traditions that make it unique.

And green tourism and the most remote corners will continue to be fashionable, which does not imply that they are far away, where social distance is guaranteed because there are no crowds.

The options to enjoy nature are endless, and more and more plans are offered to complete the experience, from savoring the rich cuisine or wine to fine-tune body and mind.

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