As FOOTBALL BETTING (แทงบอล) continues to grow rapidly and many individuals joining everyday, people have a lot of questions about how it works in other to make as much profit as possible. In this posting, we’re going to answer a few frequently asked questions about FOOTBALL BETTING (แทงบอล).

Which events should I bet on?
You can bet on entirely anything. However, if you want to explore various betting events, you’ll need to explore several bookmakers as well because events vary in betting companies.

Can I bet when a match is going on?
Yes, you can bet in the process of a match, this is called the “live bet”. however, you should know that the odds of a live bet is never ever steady.

Can I make money from betting?
I like to believe that this is the primary role of football betting in the first place. If you’re lucky enough and actually know what you’re doing, you can make millions of money from betting. However, you’ll need to work hand in hand with a genuine betting company that will give you sincere odds.

How do I get paid after I win a bet?

After you win a bet, the bookmaker credits the account that you have registered under them. This also applies to when you lose a bet, you account gets debited of the money involved. After your money has been transferred to your betting account, you can now have it transferred to your local bank account or whichever account you’d prefer.

Must I have a betting experience before I bet?
No, it is not compulsory that you have previous experience before you can bet. If you already have a good betting company, you could win a lot of money before you graduate to being a professional punter.

What is required of me to start betting
All you need is a very strong internet connection and a good betting company to get started. After choosing your betting company, you can now place your bets at any point in the world with the help of a good internet connection.

Do I get a money back guarantee?
Yes, at a point there is a money back guarantee. You cannot request your money back after you’ve lost a bet. But while your betting process is going on, and you’re not certain that you want to continue your bet, you can always ask for a refund and it will be given back to you 100%. this doesn’t apply to all betting companies tho.

At what age is it legal to start betting?
Depending on the laws governing where you are based, the legal age to be able to start football betting is ages 18 or 21.

Can I bet on other sports other than football?
Yes, of course, other sport activities have their betting options and strategies as well. There are so many other sports in the world other than football.

Will I get my winnings paid in full?
Yes, you money is safe and secure as long as the company which you registered under is a legal and genuine one. You will definitely get your money paid in full unless you’re required to pay a certain percentage as charge.

Do I need to pay money before while registering?
No, registering under a betting company is completely free the only time you’ll be required to pay money is before you place your bet.

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At what age is it legal to start betting?
Depending on the laws governing where you are based, the legal age to be able to start football betting is ages 18 or 21.