Predictive Lead Scoring – It is a lead scoring methodology and is driven by data that uses historical and activity data for predicting models and identifies sales leads that look promising to convert. Predictive lead scoring reduces the chances of human error and also increases the accuracy of getting quality leads. It uses statistics to predict future behavior based on past behavior. If you are still thinking, then ask a digital marketing company in Kolkata whether predictive lead scoring is suitable for your organization.

In this article, you will get the FAQ by companies who want to know the opinions of digital marketing on lead scoring. Keep in mind these are just FAQ and general guidelines.

#1. Are you starting off with enough leads?

One needs data to build a decent predictive model and a good number of leads. By the term, a good model, we mean an accurate one. However, the number of leads you acquire depends on the data quality. One needs to secure data on successful as well as lost deals. In this way, the algorithm can understand and analyze the information to predict the overall score. There is no hard and fast rule about the minimum number of leads to start with, just ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date.

#2. Do you have steady leads?

With predictive lead scoring, you can understand and prioritize leads that you provide to your sales team to deal with. Established companies benefit a lot with this system and startups too nurture each lead and monitor them closely to find out about them.

#3. What is the quality data on leads?

The number of leads is not only about the length, but also consider the depth of the leads. Explicit information is as important as implicit information. Explicit like name, location, interests, hobbies, and so on. Implicit information like behavioral trends, repeat visitors, and so on. The implicit information and the behavioral data generated by machine learning is the key to a predictive good model.

#4. Can data be captured efficiently on the leads?

Good data that can be updated and stored in the database is worth it. Data should always be updated and accurate. The enriched data needs to be integrated into the database seamlessly, otherwise, the model would not be good. In predictive lead scoring, the models are adaptive and can capture real-time data and store it well in the CRM.

#5. Do you know to use the scores?

It’s not just supplying a single figure sales. Sales, management, and marketing take advantage of predictive lead scoring. You get valuable information at each and every step and solve business problems effectively. From lead profiling to realignment of business strategy, predictive lead scoring helps in numerous ways and is vital for your business.

#6. Can you implement predictive lead scoring?

It takes effort to implement predictive lead scoring. It comes at a cost and some CRMs offer full services from data storing to implementation of the scores. Also, if you wish to implement this, then there needs to be an alignment between sales and marketing. Teams need to operate jointly, use the scores, and give integrated feedback. Cross-team harmony and integration are essential.

#7. Are your goals and expectations clear?

Last, but not the least, ask yourself! Are you ready to take up predictive lead scoring, as it requires your time, money, and effort! You can measure your business conversions, solve issues, and do a great deal, but opting for this requires a certain amount of commitment. However, to get results, it would take up a few months, but yes, the utility is worth it.

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