Love for Cricket
In a country like India Cricket is not just a sport but it is considered as a religion. The amount of craze and fan following this sports hold just amaze all of us. Cricket is not just a game but emotion for million people not only in India but all over the world.
What is Fantasy Sports?
Fantasy Sports is a new emerging trend all over the world. Fantasy Sports includes various sports such as cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, etc. It is a game often played using the internet where participants create their virtual team of real players of the particular sport. The teams have you been made by analyzing and comparing players performance in the previous matches and overall performance in actual matches. Fantasy sports has improved the prevalence of several sports and with each passing season, the reach is merely rising. Because of the hectic schedule and extended working hours. The seed of the idea was sown and in this time period, it has developed into one of the most important and the greatest sector on earth.
Fantasy Cricket
Fantasy Cricket is the most popular sport especially in India but also in other parts of the world and a large number of people daily participate in cricket tournaments on the scale as compared to other sports. Cricket is considered as the most demanding fantasy sports especially in India due to its fan following and craze of people and due to insufficient time fantasy sports is a savior for all the cricket lover to play fantasy cricket in their free time and be a part of their favorite sport. Thus we can say that “Fantasy Cricket is the King of Fantasy Sports”.
This exponential rise of dream cricket could be explained in three chief explanations:
It makes the game far more interactive and interesting for the lovers and transforms passive participants into an energetic person.
You can play fantasy cricket according to your convenience and it has made it easy due to speed and affordable mobile phones and internet connection.
You can win cash prizes, bonus, etc. Some people not just play for fun but also have made it as their full-time business

Fantasy cricket is quite similar to other fantasy sports the biggest difference comes in the way the sport is played itself.
You create your own team of eleven players. Sometimes you need substitutes as well
There are certain criteria to select your team it's your job to choose that team who has the potential to win the match.
Once you have selected your players you will be able to mix and match the batting and bowling orders.
Once the match starts, you will be able to see your selected player scores and bowling figures on your scoreboard.
One platform that has to cater to all the needs of the fans and is able to provide an ideal platform to enjoy fantasy sports has been Proxy Khel. Its vision, imagination, and simplicity have made it among the most reliable fantasy sports programs.

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