World cup is one of the biggest tournaments in the history of cricket because it surely gives a team the chance of becoming world champions. And cricket fans like you would know the fact that what it means to be world champions. Since the game of cricket came into existence, cricket world cup history shows the records of many legends that have been the reason of proud.

After all, every other ardent cricket fan would like to know about the cricket world cup history and the facts about this game in earlier times. Knowing about world cup details is all the more important for all fans as they can't miss out this information.

Cricket world cup history has the tendency to take you back in the earlier times when this game started off only in Kent and Sussex. After this, cricket started unfurling its wings in North America through English colonies. This all happened in 17th century and in the next few years cricket was introduced in all the commonwealth countries.

Well, cricket world cup history is one of the ultimate sources of information for all fans because it not only increases their knowledge bank, but also prepares a strong base of cricket information for them. Cricket is such a game that has attained so much attention that it becomes hard to miss the action, whenever a match or tournament starts.

It becomes quite obvious that world cup tournament has its own importance and so would its history also be. It is through cricket world cup history that you will get to know about the number of world cup tournament held till date.

These tournaments have given some of the best performances of cricket legends. India has already won the world cup and is all set to win it this time also. On glance over the India series, you would get to know that Indian have been one of the most successful teams and have defeated many strong competitors.

If you are an ardent cricket fan, then looking out for cricket world cup history should not be a tough task. What you can do is search out for some cricket dedicated sites that provide updated information on cricket world cup history.

This option is bets for all those who are willing to find out how the game started and what all legendary facts this game offered in earlier times. This history familiarizes the fans with the custom and background of cricket, which always raises the curiosity of cricket aficionado.

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