Srikanth Rangachari– An Ordinary Teacher with Extraordinary Skills

Everything you can imagine is real and Srikanth has proved it by following her dreams and achieving two world records. Srikanth is a small-town guy who made it big in life. He is a teacher from the profession yet he managed to serve two world records on his plate. This success credit goes to the hard work, dedication, and talent he has.
Rangachari Srikanth was born in 1993 in Telangana. His life was tough from an early age as he lost his father when he was five. He handled his life so maturely but unluckily life wasn't fair to him. In 2014 he lost his mother when he was just 21. A lot of problems since a small age made him even stronger. His uncle Sudheer Swamy Bekkanti and aunt Godavari Bekkanti started taking care of him after this tragedy and they were so nice to him, they took care of him as their child. Srikanth was so dedicated to his studies. Studious Srikanth completed his graduation in B.Sc and then pursued D.Ed. He started his career as an ordinary teacher and joined a private school in Nirmal District to teach the students.
Srikanth wanted to become a scientist. He was inspired by Alexander the great and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The harder you work, the luckier you get. There is no substitute for hard work. In 2016, Srikanth managed to get himself a place in Telugu Book of Records for reciting the English alphabet in just 1.420 seconds. He had the motivation to do even better. In 2017, he got himself listed in Telangana Book of Records for reciting the English Alphabet in reverse order in 1.420 seconds. Srikanth wasn't going to stop there. Next, he created a script to educate the tribal people. In his script of 51 letters, he has included currency symbols, mathematical symbols, regional symbols, and computer symbols. After creating this script he wrote 700 Shlokas of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and this let him achieve the Amazing Book of Records in 2018. Isn't it great putting all the efforts, dedication and hard work on something which lets you achieve more and more and let you achieve your dreams?
As rightly said, an idle person can never gain anything if they sit and wait for a better opportunity to come, but the person who is working hard can gain success and happiness in life. Now Srikanth is working hard to break his record, he is trying to recite the English alphabet in 0.85 seconds and also reciting the same alphabet 52 times in a minute. He has another goal lined up in life to get his name listed in Limca Book of World Record. He is also working on writing a periodic table on sesame seed that will be another achievement of his life to set another record. You need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve something big in life and that's what Srikanth is doing continuously. Credit of Indian Talent Srikanth's success goes to his passion, determination, and dedication. Till now he has been able to achieve so much and moving forward as well he is going to do something big for India.
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