Why are doctors living gods? It might be just a question, but the answer to it can be found when we met doctors like Vishal Rao. He is an oncologist, a head and neck surgeon at the HealthCare Global (HCG) Cancer Center in Bangalore. But the one thing that completely describes him is the invention of cheapest prosthetic voice box for the throat cancer patients. Dr. Rao used to treat a lot of throat cancer patients every day. He was always concerned about these patients losing their voice box to prevent further spreading of the disease. Although there were many prosthetic voice boxes available in the market, they were too dear to be available for poor people. Dr. Rao started looking for other affordable alternatives to cure his patients. He consulted a few people, including doctors and surgeons, to kick start his idea of Inventing a Voicebox. However, he finds himself all alone before his friend Shashank Mahes industrial engineer by profession, joined him in this noble cause. Since starting, they both faced some severe challenges of making a harmless and affordable artificial voice box. They gathered a team of specialized doctors and researchers and began working extensively to finalize the design. After researching for months, a model based on using silicone instead of generally used noble metal alloys was finalized to make the device lighter than before. Shashank and his team used their industrial experience to manufacture the voice box after two years of dedication. This device was lighter, less harmful, and more affordable than existing voice boxes that cost around 70 to 80 thousand rupees. Dr. Rao named his great medical invention as 'Aum' to signify the sound of the Universe generated from 'Om'. Although it was a great Invention, it still needs to be replaced every year. Dr. Rao was aware of the complications a patient may face after going through operations every year. He made a few design changes with the help of a Karnataka based wooden toymaker, and now it does not need to be replaced every year. Shashank further arranged more funds to start mass production of the device. Since its invention, Dr. Rao has cured thousands of his cancer patients and have given their voices back using his miracle voice box 'Aum'. His device is a boon for every poor and common man who was unable to spend thousands of Rupees to get their voice back. This device is one of the best examples to show humanity without any selfish needs and filling this world with generosity.

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I am Anu Bhardwaj. I love to share inspiring stories.