Anoop Khanna- Keeping humanity alive through food in the heart of people

"Mankind is a single nation" – Quran (Islam)

Happiness is feeling the blessings of the people and god for the things you have done in your life. Many social workers always follow their hearts and go beyond their capabilities to achieve real insights into success. One such name known to everyone is Anoop Khanna, who is serving humanity through affordable food at his 'Dadi Ki Rasoi' or “The Grandmother’s Kitchens” roadside shop irrespective of caste, religion, and status.

Anoop Khanna was born and brought up in a family of freedom fighters in Moradabad. Anoop was very much involved in social issues since childhood, owing to his father's ability to stand during the freedom movement. He used to provide any possible help to all needy and poverty-stricken people and work for their upliftment. Apart from taking an interest in social issues, he was very good at sports like karate, badminton, and table tennis. He also holds the trophy of the Uttar Pradesh table tennis championship in the year 1975-76. However, he had to shift to Noida in 1984 due to some unexpected household situations. He worked hard and run into the pharmacy retail business, and it was during this time, he was married and blessed with two beautiful children. His dedication and honesty made him a successful businessman who presently owns four pharmacy retail outlets in Noida.

The story of 'Dadi Ki Rasoi' is heart-touching and shows that humanity is still alive in the heart of people. Once Anoop's mother was ill, not able to swallow food, and at that moment, she told her son to provide the meal for her to someone needier. Anoop's family was so much touched by these words that his daughter Sakshi Khanna convinced him to give quality food to hungry and needy people. He started feeding poor people at his home on his birthday that is August 21, 2015, and called this initiative as 'Dadi Ki Rasoi'. Initially, his family started feeding about 15-20 people, and as time passes by, many people lend their hands to provide affordable and quality food to maximum people. With the help of various individuals and dedication to take this initiative to a higher level, he opened two roadside shops at sector 29 and 17 in Noida. He is presently charging a voluntary amount of Rs 5 per plate and feeding more than 500 hungry souls every day to get their blessings.

People like Anoop are the real treasures of our society who are making a better society to live, keeping aside the chains of caste, creed, race, religion, and language. Starting from taking inspiration from his mother to keeping it alive for so many years is his real achievement. Our society needs more people like him so that no one goes to sleep without getting proper food.

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I Am Anu Bhardwaj. i love to share about inspirational stories of Indian peoples.