KAAL means death. The person born under Kaal Sarp Yog passes through death like agonies throughout the life. The Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. ONLY when all the seven planets come between Rahu & Ketu KAAL SARP YOG exist. The person who takes birth in this yog suffers from various problems like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc. This yog is more dangerous than other malefic yoga. Generally Kaal Sarp affects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his or her life. According to Indian astrology.

Some astrologer blow KSY out of all proportions to make it all-destructive combination. But there may be other powerful yogas mitigating the effects of KSY. Moreover, evil planets in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses give good results. Therefore, KSY is benefic in these houses, as in the case of Dhirubhai Ambani. Many astrologers think KSY is a modern invention and do not believe in it. Many famous personalities throughout this world have this Dosha as listed below,but none of them show any of the characteristics mentioned about this dreaded dosha:

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India) struggled till 54th year. Thereafter, he became internationally a well known person of high reputation and regard. His horoscope is a very specific example for Kalasarpa yoga.
Dhirubhai Ambani (Indian businessman) who had powerful Saturn in its own sign in the house of wealth in D-1 (main birthchart) and Sun in own sign in ascendant in D-2 which is divisional of wealth. Thus, other powerful yogas can subdue KSY in respective fields.
Margaret Thatcher (Former British Prime Minister)
Nelson Mandela (Former South African President)
Alfred Hitchcock British film director and producer
Rajinikanth (Tamil Cinema Actor)
Chiranjeevi (Telugu Cinema Actor)
Surbhi Bhardwaj ( south Indian actress)
Sachin Tendulkar (Famous Indian Cricket Player)

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.