George Orwell whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair is a famous English author accolade for various literary achievements. His writings were famous because of the instant wit and intelligence. His popularity was also due to his ideas about democratic socialism which is exhibited in most his works. There are many George Orwell essays and Orwell books that show his unique wit. Sarcasm and intelligence out of which some are given here as under:

The spike:

The spike is an essay that collected much appreciation and recognition worldwide, this Orwell essay was published in the year 1931. He sketched his own experience of living in a work house in London for one night which was informally known as Spike. He told the audience his unexpected adventures that he experienced there. He got overnight popularity after the successful publication of the Spike; this reflected his qualities of observing and analyzing a particular situation.

Bookshop memories:

George Orwell published this essay in the year1936 where he sketched his memories of working in a bookshop. He considered it to be one of the glorious chapters of his life. He discussed how he was appointed and what were the circumstances that lead him to work as an assistant in the second hand bookshop? His friends the west ropes used to run the shop. He used to work in the afternoon timings so that he can get morning free to write and do his favorite activity that is socializing in the evening.

A hanging:

This essay was written in august 1931, one of the British magazines offered its publication naming Adelphi; the essay revolves around the execution process of a criminal living in Burma. It is the story of a man who used to serve the British police from 1922 to 1927 and how he became a criminal who got executed for some serious crimes.

Such, such were the joys:

George Orwell described a period of eight and thirteen when a youngster is in on the peak of his innocence, he has told all the common joys children of this age go through. Such, such were the jys was published in the year 1940. This essay was claimed to be inspired by William Shakespeare seven ages of men.

Lear, Tolstoy and the fool:

George Orwell was quite inspired by the Tolstoy in his essay on Lear, Tolstoy and the fool. He criticized much of his work by his unique sarcasm. The essay also showed much of the inspiration from the critical essay on Shakespeare written by Leo Tolstoy.

Therefore, there are many other essays of George Orwell but the above told five essays are the most prominent ones which took the popularity of Orwell on the topic. You can try these ones if your teacher has assigned you to write George Orwell essays. These essays can also help you when you have to write about the life of George Orwell, there you can highlight the preceding five remarkable works that took him in the list of top writers around the world.

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