Every logo tells a story of hardships and strict seasons that company faced and how that company overcame those hardships.
Computer systems are in possession of normal public from last 3 decades. The first few computer manufacturers are not only in business today but have extended their businesses and are now the capitalist giants.
Let’s have a look at some historic computer manufacturers and their logos.
DELL: Dell was founded by Micheal Dell in 1984. It bears the name of its founder as you can see that in its name and logo. Dell is numbered at 44 in Fortune 500.
If we look at the logo of DELL Company, its rarely been changed and the current logo is 23 years old. Last time the logo was changed in 1989. The IT logo design of DELL Company symbolizes perfection and accuracy and it has only one color with name of company enclosed in a circle which depicts simplicity.
Hewlett Packard: Hewlett Packard normally known among computer dealer as ‘HP’. The company was founded by William Hewlett and Dave Packard in a car garage in Palo Alto.
The logo of Hewlett Packard was made as ‘hp’ So that when it was turned upside down it can depict name of a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Dynec (dy). That company later changed to Dymec and then reverted to Hewlett Packard.
Hewlett Packard was top leading computer manufacturer till 2011. The title was snatched by Lenovo in 2012.
Hewlett Packard brand name is world famous as it has remained largely the same from its creation.
Lenovo: Lenovo was started in 1984 Liu Chuanzhi. It was named as ‘Le’ legend and ‘novo new. In Chinese it means connected thinking. Lenovo majorly sells ThinkPad for its laptop series and Think centre for its desktop series.
For the first 20 years it used the name of legend, later it changed its name in 2003 to ‘Lenovo’ and utilized 200m $ for its rebrand marketing.
Lenovo logo is very simple and is written in navy blue color. ‘Straight and simple’ are two words which accurately define Lenovo logo.
Apple: Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1974. Its famous for selling computer, electronic products for consumers.
Till 2007 apple was widely known for computer products, but it removed ‘computer’ from its name in 2007 after the production of I phone, depicting a shift from computer to electronic production.
Apple logo was first shown as ‘apple dropping on Einstein’ which was instantly changed by Rob Janoff’s ‘Rainbow Apple’ which symbolized colored graphics in Mac.
The bite in Apple was made so that people don’t confuse it with a cherry. But some people symbolize it as a tribute to Alan Turing.
Apple later changed to Monochromatic Image of Apple. Now Apple has a logo in crystal color with shadows.
In conclusion, these IT logo designs of these companies depict a historical tail of their existence and true essence of these companies.

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