The principles of feng shui can be used to add more harmony to any family. Because feng shui can be used to create a harmonious environment and increase the flow of positive energy within any home, it can be a great way of enhancing your family’s experience together. Utilizing feng shui principles in your home will also help bring more success and happiness to every member of your family, children as well as adults.

De-Cluttering the Home
Clutter is one of the enemies of positive feng shui energy. Although it can be easy to allow clutter to accumulate, especially with an active family life, you should make every effort to keep clutter and disorganization under control. You can make de-cluttering more fun if you involve the entire family. Set aside a half hour each evening before going to bed, and do “clutter patrol” as a family. This can help everyone develop good cleaning habits while having fun together at the same time.

Decorating for Good Energy Flow
Just as with clutter, too many decorative objects in a home can impede the flow of positive energy. To increase the harmony in your family, try to simplify your decorating scheme. Focus primarily on objects that are beautiful and functional, or which bring a good deal of joy and happiness into your life. Reduce the number of accessories that are not needed.

Adding living plants to your home environment is also a great way to enhance positive feng shui energy. Flowering plants and cut flowers can also add beauty and nature to your home, but remember to never let dead blooms or branches remain in your home. Inspect all plants and arrangements on a daily basis, cutting back and discarding any dead growth or blooms. Family photos can also be used very effectively to add beauty and harmony to your home. A single framed photo of your family enjoying time together can add a lot of positive energy to a room. Small water fountains are also a good addition to your indoor decorating, as water can be especially beneficial to increase family harmony. Incorporating wood elements into your home decor can also add to the overall harmony of your home.

Choosing Colors for Your Home
You can add a lot to the overall positive energy and harmony of your home environment by choosing good colors for your decorating schemes. Soft and muted shades of blue and green work well to improve the harmonious nature of a home. Neutral earth shades are also a good choice. You should try to avoid colors which have a lot of energy, such as red and orange, as they can cause clashing emotions in a home between family members. Even if your rooms are decorated in another color scheme, incorporating small amounts of green, such as a pillow, tapestry throw, or candles can add vitality to the room. The colors of blue and black are also thought to help generate beneficial energy, which can help keep your family life happy and harmonious.

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