What are some fun ideas for a family vacation in Indonesia? Let’s look at some of the options and find out!

When people think about trips, holidays and vacations in Indonesia, particularly family trips, one area comes immediately to mind and that is Bali. Which makes sense now that you think about it because Bali has an especially good track record for holidays and vacations. Backpacking, travelling and even holidaying Bali Indonesia has been well established for years. What several fail to acknowledge is that Indonesia is a huge location as well as with over 17,000 islands to check out. We think it's about time that we give attention to some of their least-known places.

Trust us, even if you are the type of traveller who would go for the best luxury cruises in Indonesia, it’s worth taking a side trip to some of the other places in the country as well.

It might not be less known like we promised but it still is less touristy compared to other cities and areas. This one is perfect for kids. It is a fantastic place to start for those seeking to discover various parts of Indonesia. A lot of the roadways remain in good condition as well as there is a fairly suitable public transportation network that makes getting from one place to the other not much of a problem.

Jakarta is a busy Asian city with this reputation for being a business stopover. It has an unexpected quantity of family-friendly activities offered. There are also a lot of museums and some of the greatest shopping malls there, as well as some terrific dining establishments plus cafes. Going to Waterbom Jakarta is a guarantee to go well with the youngsters with a few hours spent splashing around in the water. It will at least cool everyone down from the heat of walking down the streets all day.

The ancient holy place of Borobudur, built around at 825AD and currently a UNESCO World Heritage site, is in central Java, near the city of Yogyakarta. The holy place is one of the biggest Buddhist monuments on the planet and is Indonesia's most visited tourist and sightseeing area. There are a lot of wonderful hotels close by, that offer family rooms as well as a little deluxe treatment. The bordering countryside is spectacular and there are plenty of fun things to do that will keep everyone busy, including trips to the traditional villages and adrenaline filled off-road journeys out to Mount Merapi, a volcano.

A little bonus, you can even try and feed the orangutans at an orangutan river cruise. Where that might be? It’s at the Tanjung Puting National Park. The kids are going to get a kick out of it, we’re sure.

The trip is better if it’s with someone you love, right? And who better to go on this trip to Indonesia with than with your family? Treat them for once. And don’t pull any punches either, since it’s already a rare occurrence that the whole family can go on vacation together.

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