Family is the building block of the society and an essential component of a country. It is an essential part of everyone's life and is an emotion that a person carries throughout his life until his death. The level of comfort and secured feeling a family provides cannot be found elsewhere. However, misunderstandings and hardships are common in a family, and they are just a part of any relationship. But when people finally tend to give up, it leaves the others with no choice other than letting go of them. This results in a broken family, which can confuse and disrupt a child's world.


A broken family is not a new term as it a problem which is common around us. Separation of the family members due to some serious reasons which arise out of mistreating, misunderstanding, misconception, etc. can be called as a broken family. One of the leading causes of a broken family is the parent's divorce

Parent's divorce:

It is the unhealthiest thing that can happen to a family. In case when a couple already has kids, divorce is the hardest challenge they have to face. There are also cases when couples decide not to give up on their relationship because of their children. But when they finally do, along with those two strong and matured individuals who can handle the changes in their lives, the children also have to face that situation. The impact on a child is more devastating compared to that of its parents.



For any child, it is painful to hear about the separation of its parents. This impact stays with the child forever, which has the potential to ruin its future. The development of a child is determined by the kind of family in which it grows up. The feelings of stability and security which are essential for social and personal adjustment are provided to the child only by its family, and anything which interferes with these feelings are not suitable for the development of the child.


• Child custody is the right of a child. The matter of custody is decided on the principle of 'interest in child'.

• The ability of the parent to take care of the child's educational, emotional, medical and social needs is essential and not the earning capacity of the parent.

• Child custody is a confusing and challenging process to go through. Only one of the parent gets the right to take care of the child. He or she is responsible for all the needs of the child.

• The custodial parent remains as the primary caretaker, whereas the non-custodial parent can still be a natural guardian and is also given visitation rights. However, the frequency of visits is determined by the child custody agreement.

• All the members of the family go through a roller coaster of emotions, and the impact of divorce remains with them forever.

• The child custody is again a problem to both parents and the child. For a non-custodial parent, dealing with the absence of their child around them is an emotional problem. Being apart from their loved ones is indeed a painful situation for them to handle.

When it comes to the custodial parent who has to take good care of the child, doing it all alone can be a challenging task. A single parent can struggle to take care of all the needs of his or her child.

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