With the needed care, your permanent teeth can last in your whole life. You can reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and loss of tooth with low-sugar diets, good oral hygiene, regular visits to a dentist and use of mouth guards when playing sports. Everyone, including your young child, should visit a dentist at least two times a year. The modern techniques allow carrying out dental procedures without any discomfort.

Each time you visit a dentist danbury for a check-up, the dentist will start by asking you questions relating to your general medications and health. Most health complications can have negative effects on the health of your teeth. Some medications are also known to affect the mouth and the dentist must consider them before coming up with a treatment plan.

Dentists Danbury will inspect each tooth using special instruments, which they insert in your mouth. They have to look for problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, they will have to check and screen your soft tissues like the tongue, gums, cheeks, lips and the palate for possible problems. In some cases, they might need to inspect the lymph nodes and jaw joints.

If you have any dental problem, the dentist will recommend the best treatment options. Here are the main dental procedures to expect in Dental Danbury clinic.

The Dental Danbury procedures

- Bonding

Composite tooth bonding application is a restorative procedure, which uses tooth composite resin to repair the decayed, fractured, chipped and discolored teeth. We can also close any tooth gap. Unlike veneers, which might require laboratory work, we do bonding procedures in our dental office.

- Bridges and implants

Bridges and implants are important when replacing missing teeth or tooth. Bridges are dental plates, usually anchored by the neighboring teeth in place. They feature two crowns – each on the anchoring tooth – and the false tooth at the center. Also called artificial roots, dental implants support the replacement teeth.

- Fillings and repairs

Dental fillings consist of restorative materials that repair the teeth compromised because of trauma or cavities.

- Teeth whitening

Your teeth are likely to darken as you age. However, some people experience tooth darkening due to improper food choices and beverages like tea, coffee, berries and some drugs like smoking, tetracycline. The other major cause of tooth darkening is trauma to the teeth. We offer several teeth whitening options, including at-home and in-office bleaching.

- Veneers

Veneers are stronger, thin ceramic or resin pieces that we bond to teeth. We use them to repair decayed, chipped or stained teeth. They may also help in closing the gaps between your teeth.

- Extractions

We might need to extract any severely damaged tooth. Moreover, permanent teeth might need to be extracted for orthodontic treatments.

Danbury dental clinic accepts all dental insurance plans, including Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna Dental, MetLife Dental, Cigna Health, Human Dental, Guardian Dental, Delta Dental, and United Health Care. If you do not have any dental insurance coverage, do not panic because our dental care is affordable.


Dentistry Danbury offers progressive and cosmetic dental care services in Danbury, CT. Our professional team provides outstanding dentistry dental care and you should, therefore, expect great results after your visit.

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