Family Orbit is one of the best apps that have been made for the iPhone for those of you who are concerned about the family. This app will let you monitor the activities that take place in your children’s phones without any hassle. It will not only allow you to monitor the activities of the children but also will act as a parental control app and a family locator. This is one of the best technologies that is there in the 21st century where you will be able to locate the whereabouts of the family.

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In the modern day even little children will have an iPhone with access to the internet. The internet is one of the best tools that has been made but it has a dark side. If children do not use the internet wisely they will be misled, have various addiction and in the end ruin, their lives. The best possible thing that can be done is to have a monitoring system in order to monitor the activities. Family Orbit is one of the iPhone monitoring app available on the appstore so that you will be able to keep an eye on what’s going on with their lives.

Family Orbit is one the best apps that is available for iPhone. The best features of the app are as follows.

•The family locator

The family locator technology is one of the highest technologies that is there. It uses the phones GPS tracking system in order to let you know where your children are at. This is good if you have kids who are going out and you need to know where they are. The app has the feature to update you when your kids arrive at a certain place.

•Photo Monitoring

The 21st century is where social media has dominated. Everyone uploads picture and videos they take on social media. Some will upload these photos with no regard to their future and will be disrespected for these actions. This is the main reason why an app like Family Orbit will be useful. It will let you monitor the pictures that are taken from their phone and will be able to guide them if they are to upload a picture that will trouble them later on.

•Data Usage Monitoring

As a parent you will be the one who will pay your children’s phone bills. So it is your best interest to keep the data usage of their phone in check. Family Orbit will allow you to keep track of your children’s usages and let them know that they have exceeded the limit.

•View Phone Usage

Family Orbit will let you know the total usage of your phone. You will be able to know what apps your kids have been using, which Wi-Fi networks they have connected to or even small details like battery usage and disk space.
There are many other feature in Family Orbit like sending SOS to the family, photo sharing and free chat with the family that will be highly useful.

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